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'Making things can mend your mind' - Telegraph 'Chicken soup for the crafter's soul' - Publisher's Weekly _______ What is that unique feeling that goes hand-in-hand with making something from scratch? Do you ever wonder where the time goes when you're lost in drawing or working with clay? Are you happiest when you're sewing or knitting? Craft enthusiasts are no doubt already aware of the joys of making and the frustration when you must put aside your project and go back to your day job or to less enticing tasks around the house. But there is more to crafting than the simple enjoyment of a creative hobby. Drawing on the first-hand accounts from everyday crafters, Craftfulness considers the vital well-being effects to be gained from the simple expression of your creativity, and investigates the soul-cleansing and stress-relieving benefits of making things by hand. An all-you-need-to-know friendly guide to inspire you to give making a go, Craftfulness: - explores the science of creativity and the authors' down-to-earth craft ethos, as well as why everyone should develop a craft habit; - suggests ways to make time in a hectic life for everyday creative work - considers how we can try to overcome self-criticism and lack of confidence - features simple but immensely satisfying craft projects to still the mind and soothe the soul, complete with beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions To read Craftfulness is the first step on the path to leading a happier, healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling life.
The modern state – First and Third worlds alike – pushes tirelessly to expand mass education and to deepen the schools’ effect upon children. First published in 1991, Growing-Up Modern explores why, how, and with what actual effects state actors so vehemently pursue this dual political agenda.
"An extraordinarily ambitious effort of synthesis, worthy of comparison with the synthesis attempted a decade ago by Fredric Jameson's "The Political Unconscious." This book speaks in a fresh voice, a voice that clearly knows all of the most interesting thinking on the politics of culture over the past few years yet is stimulated rather than burdened by its knowledge. It will be welcomed with exhilaration by the large and ever-increasing audience for the theory and practice of cultural studies as well as, I'm convinced, by an unusually broad general readership. No one thinking about the complex relations between aesthetics and politics will be able to ignore it."--Bruce Robbins, editor of "Intellectuals: Aesthetics, Politics, Academics"
Taken together, these stimulating case studies and philosophical essays are a moving statement for understanding human expressiveness in a new way.
The life of this writer is given, plus an assessment of his novels and short stories.

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