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Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth will be a cornerstone for personal spirituality and self-improvement for years to come, leading readers to a new levels of consciousness and inner peace. Taking off from the introspective work The Power of Now, which is a number one bestseller and has sold millions of copies worldwide, Tolle provides the spiritual framework for people to move beyond themselves in order to make this world a better, more spiritually evolved place to live. Shattering modern ideas of ego and entitlement, self and society, Tolle lifts the veil of fear that has hung over humanity during this new millennium, and shines an illuminating light that leads to happiness and health that every reader can follow.
This book is a call to everyone to flow as the Creators that WE ARE to band together in LOVE in creating a new earth. We have ENORMOUS potential to CREATE for the GREATER GOOD. Yet, we have NO IDEA what we as a COLLECTIVE are capable of because our humanity has for the most part kept us UNCONSCIOUS and SEPARATE. We become conscious and wake up by BEING PRESENT and HARMONIZING with ourselves through LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. The more CONSCIOUS PRESENCE we create, we send out healing harmonious energy around the world. This is how we create a new earth.
There is a place you can go that is free from sickness, crime, and war. That place is not here on this Earth. Instead, it is on the “New Earth.” And you can choose to obtain a new body and go there. Drawing upon thirty-three years of University research and fifteen years of “Subtle Energy” manipulations Dr. Pettit discusses relationships between life sciences and spirituality. By understanding the concept “ask and you can receive” he outlines the questions to ask and your responsibilities to create a new body for ascending to the “New Earth” around 2012. Ascension is available for those who choose to move out of duality consciousness with suffering and pain into a new reality of Unity Consciousness with unfathomed joy and peace. Dr. Pettit explains how you can achieve this incredible gift with the following concepts. * Making a choice to ascend with your physical body * Knowing who you are and why you are on Earth * Shifting your dimensional state of consciousness * Avoiding fear, accept change, understand time-space * Releasing false beliefs, sickness, and pain * Understand your Mer-Ka-Ba Energy Field * Universal Laws related to your spirituality * The End Times, “The Shift,” and Photon Belt
There Is a Place You Can Go - That place is a New Earth free from sickness, crime, and war. The Earth is shifting to a higher vibration - from third density to fourth and fifth density. For you to survive on the New Earth you must also change your frequency to match that of the New Earth. Unless you make that change your body frequency will be incompatible with these new frequencies and you will have to leave. You have a choice, prepare to ascend or transfer to another third density planet. Ascension is available for those who choose to move out of duality consciousness into Unity Consciousness. Dr. Pettit explains some of the requirements and preparations needed to ascend from the Old Earth.
This is a story of the awakening of mankind. The mass consciousness of mankind is changing, and as each soul moves toward the higher vibration, more and more people will be able to do the same. There is far more goodness in the world than others would have us believe. The old prophecies can no longer stand, as the energy of the planet has shifted. Reviews I want to thank you for such a wonderful piece written about twin souls. I have read a number of books on the subject and I have found your writing to explain it all with such clarity. I have just recently separated with my twin soul because the emotions we brought up for each other were just too intense. It was more his decision than my own. But your written words are a constant reminder to myself that we have wholeness already within ourselves and we do not need them to reach a place of inner peace and joy. It just hurts so right now as I am not there yet!! Thank you from my heart once again. With love, light and wholeness.... Cosmicrainbow (Karen, UK) Haven't checked out your site yet, but look forward to doing so. Keep up the good work Chrissy. The world is in dire need of those who are dedicated to serving the Light of God on planet Earth. Let Love, Light & Peace reign supreme in all dimensions of reality. And so it is. Coreen C. Villemere - Ontario, Canada. Oh thank you for being dearest lady!!! In 1983 I got the other side message. "You will know that things are hanging for the better when you get the message NOW IS THE TIME." The very message you and Michael left on the Kryon message board not too long ago! I have it on my bedroom wall and read it whenever I feel I can not go on any further. Blessings to you and your courage to save our planet. Truly, Julie - USA. * * * * Book Review by Yashah! Chris Hamilton has given us another fine, esoteric book for all who have an interest in our future. She tells how the Earth and Mankind on the Earth will achieve perfect balance and harmony. Chris has given us strong and loving insight and hope in the future for Mankind. I have read many metaphysical books, perhaps hundreds, and Chris's "Earth's Ascension" is by far the most informative book I have read. It contains a wealth of valuable information that rings true into the planet's ascension into the higher dimensions. This book answers all the questions one might ponder of life on this planet and it definitely does contain a message of hope for mankind. Indeed, I consider "Earth's Ascension" to be the metaphysical textbook of the present time. Yashah (author of many online books)
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