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This complete set of the Creative Writing for Kids series brings together four very distinct books, each with their own personality and overall theme. Creative Writing for Kids 1 is full of story starters, mini-stories, plans, comic strips and picture starters which are a good place to start with creative writing. Creative Writing for Kids 2 also has lots of fun story starters and ideas but also includes longer length activities which help children to work on more in-depth writing without being overwhelmed. Creative Writing for Kids 3: Winter Tales uses the themes of Winter, holidays, seasonal fun and familiar but exciting ideas to help children think and write creatively. Once upon a story... uses magical and fantastical ideas and imagery to encourage children to create their own stories about lands full of wizards and witches, goblins and giants. Both Winter Tales and Once upon a story... include longer projects as well as story starters and picture-based activities.
The second volume in the popular Creative Writing for Kids series takes children further, introducing more poetry and lots of exciting story ideas to bring their imaginations to life and put the fun back into writing. All too often, children are put off creative writing by feeling they have to do it right. Creativity comes in lots of different packages, and not just the ones marked with a red tick or a gold star! The age range for all the books in the Creative Writing for Kids range is 7-14, depending on ability. Lots of exercises can be expanded to suit keen writers and adapted for reluctant learners and special needs students.
Creative Writing for Kids 2019 is for children who love to write ? and also children who don?t! There is lots of magic and mystery mixed up with real-life adventures and familiar places like home and school. Some activities are based on pictures and others involve no writing at all. Picture-based stories are a great way to help children who are nervous of written work or who are reluctant learners.
Use this book of hands-on learning exercises to help teach older elementary kids creative writing in a workshop format. The booklet lays out interactive brainstorming and story forming exercises to get children engaged, overcome their shyness or nerves, and actually start writing in the course of one hour and a half long workshop. Exercises and tips are based on two workshop sessions, but teachers may adapt the material as needed to fit their timeframes.
Creative Writing for Kids 4 Once Upon a Story uses the themes of fairy tales, magic, fantasy and familiar but exciting ideas to help children think and write creatively. This book works alongside others in the Creative Writing for Kids series or can be enjoyed by itself. The exercises include lots of pictures and story-starter tasks, as well as the story projects, Tell a Fairy-tale and Uncle Arthur. They help children explore their own imagination in the safe framework of fairy-tale lands. Children feel they know about this subject before they start, which gives them the confidence to take new steps and create their own worlds.

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