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What's that creeping in the shadows? An insect? A spider? Don't worry, these creatures might be creepy, but they're also really cool. Readers of this awesome book will learn all about creepy-crawlies. Vivid full-color photographs of these many-legged creatures will draw in even reluctant readers. Simple descriptions help readers easily identify different types of common insects and spiders. This informative book also introduces readers to key science concepts, such as habitats, life cycles, and food. Fun and engaging, this book of tiny creatures will be a big addition to any library or classroom.
Read a few fascinating facts about some of Planet Earth's smallest but most intriguing inhabitants.
Describes insects, spiders, and other non-mammals most commonly owned as pets, and offers advice on their care, feeding, and breeding.
Go "buggy" with this fantastic resource packed with information and learning-rich activities.
Pictures and a short text spotlight an alphabet of small invertebrate animals--insects, spiders, slugs, etc.

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