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The original title of this manuscript was Pages - A Voyage to Infinity. It's kinda like Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass; a collection of poems with an underlying mystical theme. My dissertation is a kaleidoscope puzzle of images and thoughts and concepts and ideas taken from mysticism, science, logic, and mathematics. The end result, as the puzzle pieces are linked together, is a new portrait of Number. The reader is challenged to solve a conceptual picture puzzle using the chaotic scattering of puzzle pieces set forth in the thesis. Some of the pieces challenge established ideas. Some of the pieces are decoys leading to dead ends. Some are background. Others are transition pieces. And, there are pieces that give the reader glimpses of me, the writ er of this thesis. So, exact ly what is infinit y? As the pieces of the puzzle are put together a new concept of infinity emerges, a concept that may be of interest to the mystics, the philosopher, the quantum physicist, and mathematicians who are open to a new window through which to view reality.
It’s a story of 600 BC. When the world entered to the dark era and the chaotic times began. The way was lost and harmony dissolved. And then a boy travelled across the ancient land of Bharata to reinstate the righteousness and justice. That boy was called ‘The Last Yogi’ and conferred with the responsibility to blossom the fragrance of Dharma to the new era. Will he succeed in the duty conferred to him by the divine mother? Will he destroy the darkness and enlighten the lamp of wisdom in people’s minds? Will he be able to give a new meaning of love to the world? This story will reveal many truths of ancient culture and rejuvenate you with its essence of purity. This is the story of a little boy and his voyage to the infinity…
We’ve been told that there are two parts of our brain and that one side remains largely unused. Open it up, and build a bridge to new ideas. To envision some small parts of our universe, cosmologists develop theoretical models that they can overlay on what they believe may be possible. We use this avenue to explore exciting new potentials for the evolutionary development of the human mind. G. Irving Hildebrand is a lifetime fan of science fiction. His writings are inspired by one of his favorite authors, Ray Bradbury. He is a retired public-health advocate and lives in the small college town of Conway, Arkansas.
In Destined for Infinity, a Westerner embarks on a mystical adventure to the Himalayan Mountains and is transported to a new and enlightening spiritual dimension. Hidden deep within the religious practices of India exist doors that lead to various levels of reality. Few people outside these mystical circles have been able to access these layers. Adventurous hero Roman West probes the deep secrets of East Indian mysticism under the guidance of a spiritual master he meets in the Himalayas. Roman witnesses the amazing powers that mystics can achieve and undergoes some of the most unusual experiences of his life. He gradually develops mystical abilities of his own and attains the sacred vision of the enlightened sages, ultimately entering the unfathomable realm of "infinity." Roman's peaceful life in the hills comes to an abrupt end when he is thrust into battle with powerful, sinister beings unleashed to kill both him and his master. His only chance for survival depends on his ability to arouse the spiritual strengths he has worked to perfect over many months of study.
Visions of pulp era heroes fill his thoughts, all of which fade as he grows up. Working as an engineer for the military, he unexpectedly ends up investigating crashed alien craft. A strange find leads to his termination, but he returns a year later, and pulls off a bloody heist. Fleeing into the wilderness, death, madness, and the violent return of creatures from beyond this world all await. “Think X-Files crossed with the fabulous Alastair Reynolds, and you’ll begin to get a picture of where Dan’s stunning original SF writing will lead you.” –Andy Remic/Anarchy Books "The Black Seas Of Infinity" pays homage to the pulp greats of the '70s and '80s, while exploring some interesting new ground." -Guy Aitchison/Hyperspace Studios "This book is written perfectly, it’s exciting and it has motherfucking aliens in it. It’s absolutely fantastic. I really hope that Dan writes more books like this, because I would read every one of them." -Tattoosday UK "For fans of science fiction, this is a must-read." -The Eclectic Reader "A slightly surreal first person violent odyssey that is definitely a bit different. Well worth a look." -The SciFi Reader "The Black Seas of Infinity is an absolute 'must read' by all fans of things Sci-Fi, and I struggled to put the book down once started." -Tattoo Revolution “Henk's writing comes alive to deliver a Sci-Fi horror thriller that breaks all the rules and then some.” -Wayne Simmons/Best selling author of Flu “Like a mad, violent episode of the X - files, The Black Seas of Infinity is that paranoid road trip every Sci-fi fan fantasizes about. Great stuff. Get your ticket now.” - Jack Bantry (Splatterpunk Zine) "Pull the covers over your head and pray that thing staring at you from the closet doesn’t come out. Dan Henk brings that hand, reaching for you at the bottom of the stairs, right to your neck. With fear and that ever-loving "What if" Dan makes even the shadows quake." - Tommy Castillo, artist, writer
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 22. Chapters: Barker Crossing, Bow Bridge, Plox, Bridge of Sighs (Cambridge), Castle Walk Footbridge, Cathedral Green Footbridge, Clapper bridge, Cobweb Bridge, Corby Bridge, Cox Green Footbridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Godmanchester Chinese Bridge, Infinity Bridge, Kingsgate Bridge, Lune Millennium Bridge, Mathematical Bridge, Media City Footbridge, Outwood Viaduct, Penallt Viaduct, Pero's Bridge, Porthill Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Oxford, Tarr Steps, Teesquay Millennium Footbridge, Tees Barrage, The Rolling Bridge, White Horse Bridge, Wylam Railway Bridge. Excerpt: The Infinity Bridge is a public pedestrian and cycle footbridge across the River Tees in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in the north east of England. The bridge is situated one kilometre downriver of Stockton town centre, between the Princess of Wales Bridge and the Tees Barrage and it links the Teesdale Business Park and the University of Durham's Queen's Campus in Thornaby-on-Tees on the south bank of the Tees with the Tees Valley Regeneration's 320 million North Shore development on the north bank. Built at a cost of 15 million with funding from Stockton Borough Council, English Partnerships and its successor body the Homes and Communities Agency, One NorthEast, and the European Regional Development Fund the bridge is a major part of the North Shore Redevelopment Project undertaken by Tees Valley Regeneration. The bridge had the project title North Shore Footbridge before being given its official name Infinity Bridge, chosen by a panel made from the funding bodies, using names suggested by the public. The name derives from the infinity symbol formed by the bridge and its reflection. Initial investigations for the footbridge were done by the White Young Green Group who with English Partnerships produced a brief for an international architectural design...

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