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In this stunning series of love, loss and the need to belong, Amanda Hocking returns to the world of her bestselling Trylle trilogy with the heart-stopping Crystal Kingdom. With help from the Trylle clan, Bryn tries to clear her name and discover who was really responsible for the Kanin King's murder. Then, while she's still trying to make sense of it all, Ridley tracks her down while she's on the run for a crime she didn't commit. He refuses to abandon her, so she finally decides that she wants to be with him. Together, they return to the Kanin capital and rally other trackers and the King's Guard to defend their kingdom from the villain within. But in the process, Bryn learns a startling truth about her former enemy. Brynn's loyalty is still to her kingdom, but will she be rewarded with a place in the royal guard - and who will ultimately win her heart?
Dora and Boots celebrate with their friends after finding the magic crystals that brought color back to the Crystal Kingdom. On board pages.
Dora the Explorer is off on another exciting storybook adventure. This time she will save the Crystal Kingdom with the help of some special friends!
My name is Rose and I have a question for you. Have you ever been transformed into a horse or a unicorn? How about a dragon or an eagle or even a dolphin for that matter? Have you ever been transported into a strange new world? Well let me tell you, it's AMAZING!! I should know because it happened to me, my brother and some of our friends. You see I always knew that I was different, even when I was very little. I just didn't realise that I was a visionary. There were always clues, but the biggest clue of all were the dreams that I had had for as long as I can remember. Flying horses, talking lions, fire breathing dragons, you name it! Some people might say 'everyone has dreams', which of course is true. The thing is, my dreams actually came true. This is the story of what happened next and how I discovered The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom.
Learn how Dora met Boots in this adaptation of a favorite episode, featuring rebus icons!
Dora and Boots help Allie to look for the crystals that used to fill the Crystal Kingdom with colors before they were stolen by a king who did not want to share, in a book where pictures replace specific words.

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