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A collection of essays, letters, and writings offers insights and raises questions on love, God, life, and death
A fascinating collection of short extracts from CS Lewis's best-selling books. This is a delightful potpourri of CS Lewis extracts compiled by Walter Hooper, expert on CS Lewis's works. The collection of short pieces are taken from from classic books -- including the Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. The 'bite-size' pieces show Lewis's ability to approach big issues with simplicty and warmth -- which made him one of the most popular and inspiring Christian writers of the 20th century. Topics include: * To love is to be vulnerable * The Lord of terrible aspect * The Lion and the stream * Half-hearted creatures (Previously published as CS Lewis: Readings for Reflection and Meditation)
This ebook comprises an inspirational readings for each day of the year, demonstrating why C.S. Lewis remains one of the world’s best-loved writers.
Pastor Gregg Matte writes, "God's will is not the needle in the haystack discovered only by 'Navy SEALs for Jesus'; it is actually the hay in the haystack to be found by every believer." This is great news for any Christian who has ever wondered about finding and living in the will of God. Through an extensive, intimate examination of God's encounter with Moses in the burning bush, Finding God's Will invites readers to shift their understanding of God's will from an event to be experienced to a process to live; God's will is what happens when we seek him. Readers will discover how to be on the lookout for their own burning bushes, how to focus on pleasing "Thee not they," and how to expect God's power as they seek his will. They may also be surprised to find that, as they seek a deeper relationship with God, his direction and guidance become clear. A life centered in God's will is a promise offered to every believer and every Christian can learn how to receive that gift.
Succession is the hot topic in leadership development, but the subject has rarely been addressed in Christian literature. As a college, university, and seminary president who experienced three successions in leadership, David McKenna is eminently qualified to speak on the subject. He begins by introducing us to the Succession Principle: What we bring to leadership is important. What we do in leadership is more important. What we leave from our leadership is most important of all. Once our priority shifts from success to succession, the door is open to read John 17 as the Prayer of Succession for Jesus. In this final report, Jesus transfers to his disciples and to us the same enduring trust, transforming truth, and unifying love that he has received for leadership from his Father. With these legacies come specific gifts of succession to complete our task, develop disciples, advance the kingdom, and see the fulfillment of Christ's promise, "Greater things than these shall you do." Succession in the spirit of Christ, then, is written not in terms of success, but in the seamless transition of sustainable gifts culminating in the gift of greater things.
Tells stories of real people scarred by crime, betrayal, abuse, and war, and how they used forgiveness to heal themselves and achieve peace of mind

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