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An authoritative, single-volume introduction to cybersecurity addresses topics ranging from phishing and electrical-grid takedowns to cybercrime and online freedom, sharing illustrative anecdotes to explain how cyberspace security works and what everyday people can do to protect themselves. Simultaneous.
Learn all you need to know about Cybersecurity and Cyberwar in under an hour "The cyber thing - it's wonderful that more attention is going into that."Bill Gates, perhaps especially Bill Gates, understood the importance of cybersecurity, even back in 2013 before terms like the Internet of all Things entered our common vocabulary.What is the price we pay for our hyper-connectivity? Convenience? Absolutely. Instant information? Most definitely. Security threats to our personal and financial security? The hijacking of our democratic institutions? Increasingly, yes, and yes.Cybersecurity is more than a trendy buzzword meant to scare us into finally choosing more secure passwords for our personal devices. Over the past decades, our connectivity has exploded to include everything from cars, planes, and homes to coffee makers, medicine and lightbulbs. Cybersecurity experts agree flaws and vulnerabilities in software mean hackers seem always to be one step ahead of us. Lackadaisical personal and institutional cyber security also exposes us to potential real world consequences. Another new addition to our lexicon - Cyberwar.Cyberwar means the internet is now a battlefield. And unlike standard military attacks, cyberattacks can be launched from any distance, with no warning and with little evidence of who our attacker is.So, what can we do? Well, we cannot stick our heads in the sand; we can't ignore our own personal cyber security and we must urge governments to work with partners in the tech industry to protect our cyber security as part of international law.Our short book is extensively researched and lucidly written. In under an hour you will be familiar with all the circumstances concerning Cybersecurity & Cyberwar. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the buy now button and grab your copy today!
The prominence and growing dependency on information communication technologies in nearly every aspect of life has opened the door to threats in cyberspace. Criminal elements inside and outside organizations gain access to information that can cause financial and reputational damage. Criminals also target individuals daily with personal devices like smartphones and home security systems who are often unaware of the dangers and the privacy threats around them. The Handbook of Research on Information and Cyber Security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a critical scholarly resource that creates awareness of the severity of cyber information threats on personal, business, governmental, and societal levels. The book explores topics such as social engineering in information security, threats to cloud computing, and cybersecurity resilience during the time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a source that builds on available literature and expertise in the field of information technology and security, this publication proves useful for academicians, educationalists, policy makers, government officials, students, researchers, and business leaders and managers.
This definitive reference resource on cyber warfare covers all aspects of this headline topic, providing historical context of cyber warfare and an examination its rapid development into a potent technological weapon of the 21st century. • Provides comprehensive coverage of the major individuals, organizations, impacts, and issues related to cyber warfare that enables readers to better understanding of the impact of cyber warfare on modern conflicts • Includes a detailed chronology that documents the evolution and use of cyber warfare over the past few decades • Supplies further readings and a lengthy bibliography that offer a wealth of options to students conducting extensive research on the subject
While the deterrence of cyber attacks is one of the most important issues facing the United States and other nations, the application of deterrence theory to the cyber realm is problematic. This study introduces cyber warfare and reviews the challenges associated with deterring cyber attacks, offering key recommendations to aid the deterrence of major cyber attacks.
The Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare provides a public peer-reviewed professional forum for the open discussion and education of technology, business, legal, and military professionals concerning the legal issues businesses and governments arising out of cyber attacks or acts of cyber war. The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare is published twice per year by top legal professionals and scholars from the law, technology, security, and business industries. The views expressed in the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare.

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