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Cyclosportives, or long-distance cycle rides, are growing in popularity all over the world. From the Etape du Tour - where cyclists get to ride a stage of the Tour de France - to the Tour of Flanders or the Etape Caledonia in Scotland, these events are pulling big numbers and attracting a range of cyclists. In this new book, bestselling author Chris Sidwells explains how to choose the right sportive, prepare for it both mentally and physically, and get yourself and your bike to the finish line. Topics include: - What kind of bike to buy - How to set up your optimal riding position - How to care for your bike - Clothing and equipment - Skills and techniques - Mental and physical demands of the event Whether you're embarking on your first sportive or trying to improve on your performance in the next one, this essential guide will help you reach your goal. Written by an experienced cyclist, trainer and writer and full of information, tips, illustrations and great stories, it's the perfect companion to an unforgettable challenge.
Cyclosportives, or sportives as they are usually known, are the cycling equivalent of marathons. They often last over seven hours and are ridden over distances in excess of 100 miles. If they are to compete successfully, serious sportive riders require a high level of physical fitness, mental strength and focus, good bike-handling skills and the ability to commit themselves to a stringent programme of training and preparation.Written by two accomplished and experienced sportive competitors the book covers: The origins and development of the sportive; The bike, clothing and equipment; Training and avoiding injury; Nutrition, planning and preparation; Bike-handling and group-riding techniques; The mental aspects of sportive riding; Competing in an event and 'the recovery'; Frequently asked questions. This comprehensive book is written for all those who want to achieve their maximum potential, or who simply want to improve their knowledge and performance by following the authors' straightforward and practical advice. A new and fast growing discipline that offers a big ride challenge to seasoned racers.Written for the rider who is prepared to do the training and compete in the knowledge that they have prepared fully so that they can perform to the best of their ability. Superbly illustrated with 157 colour photographs. Jerry Clark and Bill Joss are two accomplished and experienced sportive competitors.
French Cycling: a Social and Cultural History aims to provide a balanced and detailed analytical survey of the complex leisure activity, sport, and industry that is cycling in France. Identifying key events, practices, stakeholders and institutions in the history of French cycling, the volume presents an interdisciplinary analysis of how cycling has been significant in French society and culture since the late Nineteenth century. Cycling as Leisure is considered through reference to the adoption of the bicycle as an instrument of tourism and emancipation by women in the 1880s, for example, or by study of the development in the 1990s of long-distance tourist cycle routes. Cycling as Sport and its attendant dimensions of amateurism/professionalism, national identity, the body and doping, and other issues is investigated through study of the history of the Tour de France, the track-racing organised at the Vélodrome d'hiver in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s and other emblematic events. Cycling as Industry
Completing one hundred miles by bike is a timeless challenge. Ever since the invention of a pedal- powered, two-wheel vehicle, 100 miles has been the benchmark by which cyclists can measure their prowess.
The toughest 52 cycling challenges in Europe These routes, all of at least 40 miles in length, are based on the best cyclosportive events—the most famous single-day professional races, which are known in cycling as The Classics, and on stages of the Grand Tours—the Tour de France, Tour of Italy, and Tour of Spain. Not just pretty rides in the country, these are serious challenges that require training and preparation, but are all accessible and are achieved by many thousands of ordinary cyclists every year. Each route contains a map with directions and an elevation diagram as well as tips for tackling the route and a background history to the event. The book also offers advice on equipment, nutrition, ride strategy, and technique. Perfect for cyclists looking for the next challenge, these routes will inspire readers to test their limits.
The Advanced Cyclist's Training Manual follows on from the successful Cyclist's Training Manual, taking readers to the next level. Whether riding competitively or for pleasure, this book is designed to help people realise their goals and includes information on road racing, time trial, track, cross-country, cyclo-cross and cyclo-sportive. It covers training through the off-season and explains how to peak at the right time. There is step by step guidance on improving technique, endurance and speed, and plenty of advice on important elements like nutrition and avoiding injuries. Illustrated with stunning action photography and full of tips, interviews and training logs from some of the world's best pro riders, this insightful guide will help you beat your goals and get more from your cycling.

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