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It doesn't matter what age a woman reaches the desire to be daddy's little girl never seems to die; maybe it's because in every woman that little girl will always be alive. This book is an open letter written by a little girl that grew up without her daddy in her life. Now as a woman she's crying out to him with so many questions that she believes only her daddy can answer, answers that she believes hold the key to discovering who she is and the purpose that her life will serve. Whether young or old, male or female there is a message on one of theses pages for everyone reading this open letter. You see God determined who the readers would be long before this letter was even written. It is not by chance that you are holding this open letter in your hand, your steps have been ordered, you have been chosen for greatness. This open letter will take you on a journey, a journey that will lead you to your true destiny. The wonderful life that you were created for. This is your moment in time, this is your season, don't let it pass you by.
In Fannie Flagg’s high-spirited first novel, we meet Daisy Fay Harper in the spring of 1952, where she’s “not doing much except sitting around waiting for the sixth grade.” When she leaves Shell Beach, Mississippi, in September 1959, she is packed up and ready for the Miss America Pageant, vowing “I won’t come back until I’m somebody.” But in our hearts she already is. Sassy and irreverent from the get-go, Daisy Fay takes us on a rollicking journey through her formative years on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. There, at The End of the Road of the South, the family malt shop freezer holds unspeakable things, society maven Mrs. Dot hosts Junior Debutante meetings and shares inspired thoughts for the week (such as “sincerity is as valuable as radium”), and Daisy Fay’s Daddy hatches a quick-cash scheme that involves resurrecting his daughter from the dead in a carefully orchestrated miracle. Along the way, Daisy Fay does a lot of growing up, emerging as one of the most hilarious, appealing, and prized characters in modern fiction. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The goals of Princess Hope & Snowflake is to entertain the child, Take them on a journey and give them wings to develop their imagination. Teach values and illustrate the importance of self-esteem and laughter, While learning interesting facts about the animals I hope that they learn that animals are beautiful unique and priceless. A far more important goal is to illustrate the importance of family. If a young person grows up feeling, they are special, unique, They will grow up to have the confidence to tackle daily challenges and Live every day with enthusiasm. They will laugh, look forward to waking up, and Feel there is nothing they cannot do, or accomplish. They will also learn the importance of having goals to reach. A young person and their parents will not always agree, But if there is guidance, patients and unconditional love in the home, A young person will come to understand that a parents love is vital. They will come to understand that they have a hero in their life, They are call father and mother. Having this kind of relationship helps the youngster to Grow up with confidence, creating a great outlook in life for them. Princess Hope & Snowflake illustrates in plain language That believing in yourself, having self-esteem while maintaining Hope, faith, and laughter is very important in a childs life. Every child is a gift; they are a promise of a better tomorrow. Princess Hope & Snowflake is about believing in yourself, having self-esteem, maintaining hope, faith, laughter and having direction in their life.
Keagan was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of twenty-one months. The instant we received this devastating news, our lives changed instantly and forever. Shortly after Keagans diagnosis, I pondered the idea of writing a book, as I wanted to share our story with the world. My intention behind this idea was to provide insight or guidance to anyone who had even been in a similar situation. Most importantly, I wanted to share our ongoing journey with God, as we took Him into our lives. God carried us through our sorrow and pain, and He provided comfort and peace to our breaking hearts. With God in our lives, we were able to maintain peace of mind, regardless of the final outcome.
In this collection of profiles, essays and travel stories, Chatwin takes us to Benin, where he is arrested as a mercenary during a coup; to Boston to meet an LSD guru who believes he is Christ; to India with Indira Ghandi when she attempted a political comeback in 1978; and to Nepal where he reminds us that 'Man's real home is not a house, but the Road, and that life itself is a journey to be walked on foot'
Why God? Everyone that I saw asked the same questions: Why God? Why has this happened to us? I wondered if we had done something really bad to bring Davids death upon us. I had always prayed to God for him to protect Dan and our children. I asked God to put a protective shield around them everywhere they went and to bring them back safely to me. I believed with all my heart that God would answer my prayers. Three months before Davids accident, I was sitting in the den talking with one of my son-in-laws about what I believed. He said Linda, death is realwe humans dont have any control over it. David was sitting in a recliner listening to us and he said, Mama, hes right; we dont ever know. There was a big game going on in Heaven in honor of Christs birthday. They needed a catcher, so I got the Call, Come on son, come play in our Game today! My dear family and friends remembered when those tears start to fill your eyes; just go outside and look up towards the stars for I will be playing on the Diamond in the sky!
From a life of unimaginable tragedy hails a story of triumph, redemption, and grace. Robin Leigh unfolds her decades-old journey as a trail of breadcrumbs leading from what she describes as the gates of hell all the way to the foot of the cross and into the arms of Jesus Christ Himself. Dont let your journey end here. Read more and follow her online at

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