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The ultimate family activity guide for busy daring dads in need of a little inspiration to spend quality time with their kids, by double Olympic gold medallist rower, adventurer and father of three, Alex Gregory.
Five days, five tasks, no technology. How will Holly survive in the woods? Holly's second 'dadventure' is a screen-free challenge - Mum has packed her and Dad off to a log cabin in Fir Forest for five days with NO technology. There are other people camping in the woods, though - Zeb and his show-off dad who are camping 'properly' in tents and fishing for their dinner. Holly's dad is treating her like a baby and being more embarrassing than ever, but Zeb and Holly soon hit it off and enjoy exploring the forest together. A few days in Zeb's dad goes missing, and they discover there is a bear on the loose from the local safari park. It's up to Holly and her new friend to work together, save the day and prove themselves to their fathers - all without their phones or any tech gadgets! The second story in the 'Dadventure' series, a perfect family story or read-alone for fans of David Baddiel and THE 13-STOREY TREEHOUSE.
Dad's taking Holly on one of his travel-writing trips - to Malaysia! Holly can't wait to explore all the new sights, sounds and smells Asia has to offer. But Dad has other things in mind . . . Instead of exploring the jungles, he's busy making the most of the free spa and sticking Holly in the dreaded Adventure Club. If Holly wants a real adventure, she's going to have to find it herself. The third in the 'Dadventure' series, a perfect family story or read-alone for fans of David Baddiel and THE 13-STOREY TREEHOUSE.
Holly's dad is an explorer, having amazing adventures all over the world, while Holly is stuck at home with her mum, her baby brother and the dog. Now Dad's on a new expedition and he'll miss her tenth birthday. She's not happy - until she finds out that he's planned a special treasure hunt, just for her. She has ten days to complete ten tasks - some silly, some tricky and some downright terrifying. Maybe life at home isn't quite so boring after all. The first story in the 'Dadventure' series, a perfect family story or read-alone for fans of David Baddiel and THE 13-STOREY TREEHOUSE.
Clever, action-oriented, Christ-centered devotions to equip any father to live life to the fullest and to be the best dad he can be.
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