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Scientifically proven: Daily Word Problems frequent, focused practice leads to mastery and retention of the math skills practiced.
Completely revised in 2019 to reflect grade-level standards, Daily Word Problems is the perfect resource to improve students problem-solving skills. The all-NEW word problems are written to support current math standards and expectations and provide consistent spiral review of math concepts. Students problem-solving skills improve as they participate in meaningful, real-life math practice.
Scientifically proven: Daily Word Problems frequent, focused practice leads to mastery and retention of the math skills practiced.
Solving word problems requires both strategy and skill. When confronted with a problem, students need to figure out how to solve the problemand then solve it! The 250 exercises in each book help students learn a variety of strategies for solving problems as well as grade-specific math skills.
Prep students for learning with this collection of quick daily skill-building problems from the creators of the awardwinning classroom magazine, Dynamath. Each grade-perfect book covers a full range of topics, including numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and algebraic thinking. Each week's set of problems highlights different math concepts with questions that grow more challenging each day-- from simple operations to multi-step word problems. Perfect for do-now morning activities, lesson warm-ups, fast finishers, seatwork, and more.
The skills practiced in Daily Math Practice, Grade 2 include: Computation addition and subtraction facts column addition multiplication facts 2-digit addition with regrouping 2-digit addition without regrouping 2-digit subtraction with regrouping 2-digit subtraction without regrouping 3-digit addition and subtraction Number write number sentences write word problems read and write numbers read and write number words place value count by two, fives, tens odd/even ordinal numbers estimation greater/less than, equal to properties, number relationships fractions Patterns sort & classify create, name, describe, extend Geometry shapes symmetry perimeter Measurement weight and capacity time linear measure money Data read and interpret graphs create graphs use tally marks
Make math matter to students in grade 2 using Daily Math Warm-Ups! This 128-page resource introduces, reinforces, and assesses math skills and fosters further understanding of math concepts. It includes 180 daily lessons; computation, graphing, and word-problem exercises; 18 assessments in standardized-test format; 12 real-world application activities; and a reproducible problem-solving strategy guide. The book supports NCTM standards.

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