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Sent to a remote, run-down reform school in Colorado, fifteen-year-old Angela is placed with the better girls, but upon learning that her "dangerous" friends are being isolated and left to live as animals, she takes radical steps to join them and help them escape.
While on spring break in Aruba, Anna is accused of her best friend's death and must stand trial for murder in a foreign country.
Destiny Weller and her twin sister, Livvy, return from their summer vacation with an overpowering thirst –– an inhuman desire to drink blood. Have they turned into vampires? How will they keep their horrifying secret from their family and friends? And can they find a way to become human again ... before it's too late?
I'm Remi St. James, and I'm a member of a secret society-one that rules the gothic halls of Brighton Saints Academy. I've officially crossed over. I'm an elite. I feel reborn.And the way he looks at me now...Gage Astor wants me. We've become the power couple that everyone envies. Even his Broken Saints. There's a whisper in the ranks, a threat. I feel it when they look at me; the mysterious new girl that worked her way into the elite circle, presenting danger should she discover too much about their secrets.As I go deeper into their world, I start to question who my friends are. Who my enemies are. And whether I can even tell the difference anymore. A girl had to die in order for me to be adopted into their society...and like her, I fear the only way out of their ring of trust may be death. With the homecoming dance right around the corner, the girls of Brighton have a show to put on. Exquisite dresses and a glamor of makeup; a mask of wealth to hide who we really are. Who I'm becoming...Heavy is the head that wears the crown-and Gage rules with an unrivaled cruelty. When the biggest secret of all is revealed, I'll have to don my own viscous tiara to take back control of my life.
This book examines in considerable detail the lives of all the convict women who arrived in Van Diemen's Land before 1830. Biographical details including colonial activities are given for the 1675 women. Listing is chronological and based on the ship in which they were transported. There is also an alphabetical index. A limited, collector's edition is available for $300.
This inquiry explores material expressions of gendered power relations through excavation and analysis of the Ross Female Factory, the last remaining prison site to retain archaeological deposits related to the nineteenth century female convicts. It first examines the construction and maintenance of social hierarchies and institutional domination within the cultural landscape of the Ross Factory. Through the elaboration of physical boundaries, intensification of surveillance, increasing specialization of spaces, and meticulous temporal and spatial regulation of inhabitants' movements, it interprets markers of social hierarchy and disciplinary control. This dissertation then considers the reciprocal dynamics of transgression and insubordination through the frequency and distribution of "illicit objects" within wards of the Ross prison.
Destiny Weller and her twin sister, Livvy, were as close as two sisters could be–until Livvy chose to become a vampire, leaving Destiny behind. Now Destiny will do anything to bring Livvy back to the family. But in Livvy's world of endless darkness, she knows there is only one way she and Destiny can be reunited –– Destiny must become a vampire too. . . . Which sister will live to see the glow of the next full moon? Whose lips will savor the taste of night? Who will survive? Ages 12+

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