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What will you do? How far will you go? What will you become? Welcome to Banoi, a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behind... Welcome to the Royal Palms Resort - which offers its guests from around the world the ultimate in luxury and relaxation... Welcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come true...but where a nightmare is about to begin.... Because a mysterious epidemic has suddenly, and without warning, broken out across the island. The local islanders, hotel guests and workers alike are struck down - only to rise again, craving the flesh and the blood of the still living. For four of the holidaymakers and a handful of others scattered around Banoi who are seemingly unaffected by the plague, they must face the awful, terrifying reality of a zombie apocalypse. Now there is only one thing left to do: survive. Welcome to Dead Island... a paradise to die for.
On a mission to capture a drug lord a team of soldiers come face to face with the hungry dead.
Dead Island is back! Navigate the treacherous riptides and avoid the infected with the official strategy guide from BradyGamesDead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide is the best way to survive the horrors that await you in the follow-up to the original zombie blockbuster, Dead Island. The four survivors thought they had escaped the terrors of Banoi and survived the apocalypse on a corrupted paradise. In reality, their fate took a turn for the worse.Continue the story of Dead Island in the newest action role-playing game from Techland (published by Deep Silver). Dead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide will help you guide the survivors with strategies for each open-world mission and detailed boss fight information. Comprehensive maps show you secret areas, hidden collectibles and Dead Zones; coverage of every craftable weapon, new vehicles and infected monstrosity, plus the multiplayer chapter has been fully updated and expanded to include the existing multiplayer and new 'hub defence' mode.The nightmare doesn't have to start again in Dead Island: Riptide. Thanks to Dead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames, survival is not just possible, it's shaping up to be fun.
Death comes to the mainland! Richard and Marco were two ordinary slobs, until the zombie apocalypse gave them the chance to become heroes . . . or at least run around and scream a lot! Don’t miss the sidesplitting, gut-ripping digital-exclusive comic th
Welcome to Dead Island ... a paradise to die for.The Island of Banoi has turned into chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world, the Dead Island Official Strategy Guide is your chance to get out alive. Packed with maps, weapon and items stats and a spoiler-free walkthrough of the entire game, you'll discover how to escape the horrors on the island.This first person action game is fast and fun, and there's only one guide to take you through the game - Dead Island Official Strategy Guide from Bradygames. Can you survive this deadly apocalypse of gruesome zombies?
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