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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS CHILDREN OF WAR Bruno, chief of police, is under pressure. He's investigating a murder - one his bosses would rather he left alone... Bruno, chef de police in the French town of St Denis, is already busy with a case when the body of an undercover French Muslim cop is found in the woods, a man who called Bruno for help only hours before. But Bruno's sometime boss and rival, the Brigadier, doesn't see this investigation as a priority - there are bigger issues at stake. Bruno has other ideas. Meanwhile, a Muslim youth named Sami turns up at a French army base in Afghanistan hoping to get home to St Denis. One of Bruno's old army comrades helps to smuggle Sami back to France, but the FBI aren't far behind. Then an American woman appears in St Denis with a warrant for Sami's extradition. Bruno must unravel these multiple mysteries, amidst pressure from his bosses, and find his own way to protect his town and its people.
The use of informants has been described as the "black hole of law enforcement." Failures in the training of police officers and federal agents in the recruitment and operation of informants has undermined costly long-term investigations, destroyed the careers of prosecutors and law enforcement officers, and caused death and serious injuries to innocent citizens and police. In many cases, the events leading to disaster could have been avoided had the law enforcement agency followed the time-tested procedures examined in this book. Informants, Cooperating Witnesses, and Undercover Investigations: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure, Second Edition covers every aspect of the informant and cooperating witness dynamic—a technique often shrouded in secrecy and widely misunderstood. Quoted routinely in countless newspaper and magazine articles, the first edition of this book was the go-to guide for practical, effective guidance on this controversial yet powerful investigative tool. Extensively updated, topics in this second edition include: Sweeping changes in the FBI and ICE informant and undercover programs New informant recruiting techniques Reverse sting operations Entrapment issues Examination of recent high-profile cases where the misuse of informants resulted in lawsuits and legislation The changing nature of compensation and cooperation agreements Forfeiture, informants, and rewards The management of controlled undercover purchases of evidence Challenges posed by fabricated information, phantom informants and police corruption Witness security measures New whistleblower reward programs Authoritative, scholarly, and based on boots-on-the-ground experience, this book is written by an author who has been a police supervisor, an informant recruiter and handler, an undercover agent, and an attorney. Supported by statutes, case law, and previously unpublished excerpts from law enforcement agency manuals, it is essential reading for every police officer, police manager, prosecutor, police academy trainer, criminal justice professor, and defense attorney. This book is part of the Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations series.
A must-read for history enthusiasts, academic know-it-alls and bathroom buffs everywhere! History repeats itself as Uncle John once again takes the plunge into the past! For our big number-two, we dug ever deeper into our bottomless vaults to bring you more of history’s most colorful characters, cultural milestones, funniest mishaps, and earth-shattering events. More than 500 pages of great stories, fascinating facts, and fun quizzes await you. Read about… * Philosophers who fought with fireplace pokers * “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall!” * Where are they now—the Goths * The golden age of wife-selling * History’s most horrible dentist award * The French monks who invented tennis * Women of the Gold Rush And much, much more!
Just like Scheherazade, undercover agents talk to save their lives. If they put in a poor performance, they don't see the curtain rise again. ART OF DARKNESS pries open the virtuoso identity techniques practiced by undercover operatives, fugitives, disguise artists, pranksters, con artists, and federally protected witnesses. It draws on original interviews with undercover operators in order to show how identity artists on both sides of the law obtain fake ID, develop a disguise, build a cover story, maintain believability in street performances, and deal with threats to their identities-all without formal acting training. ART OF DARKNESS inhabits the grey areas of morality as it exposes identity roleplays at the borders of lawfulness. In it you'll find stories of: law-enforcement workers who adopt the techniques of criminals in order to catch them but somehow get caught up in their own trick identities; self-defined artists whose work also has a criminal dimension; criminal informants who masterfully play sides and roles against each other; and hoaxsters and impersonators who may perform trick identities primarily for gain but do so with tremendous inventiveness and a directorial consciousness. This book may explode any remaining notion you harbor that you are not at some level a member of the intelligence community, discerning who is "for real" and who is presenting a self for personal gain.
Raw, delicate, and complex emotions emerge in hospitals rooms and hallways. People face unexpected life-changing events, or face impossible choices. A hospital chaplain is a spiritual resource to whom people may turn in these times of needs. In "Crossed Paths: Snapshots of Life and Death by an Undercover Hospital Chaplain," psychologist May Chen shares stories and lessons gleaned from working as a hospital chaplain and playing an integral role on the medical treatment team in a major trauma hospital. From heartbreaking to heartwarming, Chen relates true accounts of her experience as a lay hospital chaplain while pursuing her graduate degree in psychology. Based on actual encounters, "Crossed Paths" offers insights and paints pictures of life, death, suffering, and hope in a hospital setting through a combination of spiritual, medical, and psychological lenses.
Captain Robert Nairac was a brilliantly successful undercover operative in the British Army, with a string of intelligence coups in the war against the IRA. But, until this book, the nature of his operations and the story of his betrayal and murder have remained shrouded in mystery. John Parker - author of a bestselling official history of the Special Boat Section - has obtained unprecedented co-operation from very senior Army sources, and from Nairac's friends and family, to reveal the truth behind the secret war in Northern Ireland - and the ferocious rivalry between MI5 and MI6 that contributed to Nairac's death. This book is a tribute to the heroism of Nairac and all those in Northern Ireland who gave their lives in the battle against terrorism.

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