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The first complete history of the world famous Dennis fire engines.
In 1987, seven people embarked on a three month charity expedition to drive an old red Dennis fire engine from the northern tip of Europe to the southernmost point of Africa. After almost five months, 37,000km, 21 countries, and a journey through rainforest, bush veldt, deserts and urban developments, the author was one of five who completed their odyssey. The Cape Crusaders is his engaging account of the at times hazardous trip, including being mugged, arrested, having two near fatal accidents and a severe case of cerebral malaria. A must for any armchair adventure traveller.
The hit television show that helped revolutionize emergency medical care in the streets is still a favorite with fans all over the world. When the show premiered in 1972 fire department paramedic services were being piloted in just a handful of cities. By 1977 over 50% of the US population was within 10 minutes of a paramedic unit. The paramedics of Fire Station 51 showed viewers critical techniques such as CPR that saved lives both on screen and off. Emergency! Behind the Scene contains real life tales from the production crew - from medical and fire technical advisors, cast members and writer, to paramedics and fire fighters. Learn more about Johnny Gage, Roy DeSoto, Dixie McCall and the rest of the Station 51 Rampart General Hospital staff. If you are a fire fighter, paramedic or simply a fan you will enjoy this in depth look behind the scenes.
More complex and imposing than any other vehicle in the British emergency services, the fire engine has a long and interesting history. The earliest water pumps had been developed by the eighteenth century – basic manual pumps that had to be hauled around by people or horses, and were often only used on fire-insured premises. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries horse-drawn, steam-powered fire engines, and eventually motorised fire engines, came to revolutionise firefighting, offering far greater versatility and the brigades came to be run by the municipalities. In this beautifully illustrated introduction, Eddie Baker charts the history of fire engines and their variants, and the increasingly complex equipment they have carried, such as high-rise ladders and high-pressure hoses. He also explains the wider history of the fire service and how the engines have been shaped by its needs and, most importantly, those of the firefighters themselves.
When two worlds collide who will survive? Its 2015... A plane has crashed over London during a early January storm leaving two women fighting for their lives. One a survivor from the wreck the other recruited by the hospital to help save her. But which one will survive? That paper boy Scott Miller and his friends from the CCA discover a way to help them but are the woman strong enough to help themselves? Will Scott and his friends succeed? And who owns that stolen money Scott found? Scott must act now and return the money to its rightful owner before the thieves find him first.
Brassy the fire engine is the only truck small enough to reach an out-of-control fire, and he and his friend Captain Bill save the city. A first children's book by the author of Report from Ground Zero.
The Adventures of Pete the Fire Engine is a story that we all will most likely experience in our lives. Pete was the protector of a community, but the community outgrew his abilities. Pete could no longer do the job. Pete was then sold to a small town, whose needs he could meet, and was once again the protector and loved. The purpose of the story is to show that although the circumstances may change in our lives, we can still be valuable and make a difference.

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