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Most companies today have innovation envy. Many make genuine efforts to be innovative: they spend on R&D, bring in creative designers, hire innovation consultants; but they still get disappointing results. Roger Martin argues that to innovate and win, companies need 'design thinking'.
Quality-Oriented Design of Business Processes introduces a modeling method, `Integrated Enterprise Modelling' (IEM), which is related to ISO standards and provides manufacturing organizations with the means of analyzing, improving, and redesigning their business processes. The purpose of the book is to improve the quality of products and organizational performance through optimizing complex business processes and organizational design. Clearly, changing markets and innovative competitors force each company to study and improve its organization, its business processes, and the technologies it employs. Whoever drops behind in these times loses market share and endangers the long-term existence of the company. Hence, it is critical to realign the entire corporate planning and design throughout the value-added chain to speed up the business processes. The book is the result of a scientific study funded by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. The authors develop the concept of Quality-Oriented Design of Business Processes, which is the underlying motivation for IEM. Moreover IEM is the engine for achieving the integration of quality management into the design and planning of business processes. The book discusses the IEM method thoroughly and applies it to the concept of `Quality-Oriented Design of Business Processes' throughout the book. This concept is illustrated with an example of a company. Finally, the book describes the entry of the IEM method into national, European and international standardization.
In 1996, the Ethiopian government introduced the Civil Service Reform Program (CSRP) to disentangle the intricacies of the old bureaucratic system, and to build a fair, responsible, efficient, ethical and transparent civil service that accelerates and sustains the economic development of the country. However, lack of competent personnel, prevalence of attitudinal problems and absence of a strong institutional framework constrained the success of the reform. To reinvigorate the CSRP, the Ethiopian government has been implementing BPR in public organizations since 2004. In this regard, there are claims and counter-claims on the effectiveness of BPR implementation in improving the performance of public organizations. Motivated by such claims, this research has assessed the design, challenges, implementation and outcome of BPR in four public organizations using questionnaires, interviews, observations and review of secondary sources.
Process Management is a compendium for modern design of process-oriented companies. A hands-on approach introducing, realizing and continually administering process management is presented with a thoroughly critical reflection of the necessary activities regarding the state of the art of organization theory and information management. This is done by following individual stages of a process model which has already successfully proved in practice. The progress of the project is described by a continuous case study which is the process management project of a modern service company. The included recommendations are summarized in a series of checklists for each stage of the project.
Explains how innovation is the moment when human behaviour is changed by a particular invention, discovery or event. This book considers that a disruption is not manifest in the moment a new technology is introduced. It provides a perspective of behavioural disruptions which are relevant to the continuity of business.
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