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A novel from Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist.
Leave instruction to the experts! Uncommon Core puts us on high-alert about some outright dangerous misunderstandings looming around so-called “standards-aligned” instruction, then shows us how to steer past them—all in service of meeting the real intent of the Common Core. It counters with teaching suggestions that are true to the research and true to our students, including how: Reader-based approaches can complement text-based ones Prereading activities can help students meet the strategic and conceptual demands of texts Strategy instruction can result in a careful and critical analysis of text while providing transferable understandings Inquiry units around essential questions can generate meaningful conversation and higher-order thinking
What separates the master from the apprentice, the craftsman from the amateur, a Winner from the loser, or an exceptional performance from an average effort? The answer is often explained in one word: execution. Around the world, the word execution has broad meaning encompassing every action people undertake. The problem is, nobody has explained what behaviors when actually executing help maximize success. Until now, we were left to the school of hard knocks to figure out how to execute well. Mr. Walton brings a unique insight to improving individual results by identifying a set of simple innate behaviors that if developed will increase ones ability to execute in every situation. The reader will learn to define execution in a new way, and learn how simple behaviors performed consistently and well result in greater success.
The Mysterious Alexandra Tarasova-Yusupov is historical fiction about the glory years and the end of Tzarist Russia, and the time when Australia came into its own. It is a tale of swashbuckling heroes, ferocious pirates, and ruthless business tai-pans. The book chronicles the life of a woman who could outcompete them all, but could not conquer her own demons. Alexandra was at once lovable, beguiling, reasonable, and admirable, but also despicable, disenchanting, capricious, and—at times—deplorable. She was always mysterious.
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Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, has crafted another gem of romance, adventure and spiritual insight in this bestselling story of a woman and her lover facing life's most difficult choices on a trip through the French Pyrenees that becomes a passionate journey of the heart.
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