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This five-volume series presents a collection of talks given by Almaas on topics such as faith, commitment, nobility and suffering, truth and compassion, allowing, and growing up. Through these talks, Almaas offers valuable guidance and advice for those on a spiritual path, and he explores the challenges and psychological barriers faced by those seeking self-realization.
For those with heart break and lost loves. Whos hearts will forever be tormented by the missing piece of someone who once held them. This is for you. To grow and to heal.
From one perspective, we can see ourselves merely as human beings struggling in a crowded and chaotic world of suffering. This book opens our eyes to a different reality, one that turns our familiar world inside out. We need only explore—with curiosity and love—our true potential as human beings in order to discover infinite depth and creativity in our lives as we act and interact in the world. When time and space expand their meaning, we come to know ourselves as having infinite dimensions of being and qualities of spirit, and uncover new mysteries about ourselves, one another, and the reality we live in. This is the last of the five-volume Diamond Heart series of transcribed and edited talks given by A. H. Almaas to inner-work groups in California and Colorado.
She would tempt the devil himself… Rhea Derwent was a woman of whispering silks and emerald eyes: a vision of heaven, but a portent of hell to the three men she vowed to destroy. Born to poverty and despair, Rhea had lived for this moment, when she would ascend to the pinnacle of London society to avenge the unspeakable crimes against a woman who had died too young. But she hadn’t reckoned on Ramon, the aristocratic painter who made her his muse and stole the heart she thought was shuttered to love. Ramon’s image burned in her flesh while she lured other men to their destruction…spurred on by her mother’s shocking diary, a wrenching record of infamy that made Rhea its slave. From London’s slums to its grand salons, from opulent Edwardian society to the Amazon’s darkest jungles, Rhea followed her destiny—and tried to flee from the sweet torment of a love she could never escape…
As the planet earth is consumed by the greed of its inhabitants, the planet in her wisdom creates a path that can save itself and the people; Several scientist join with a lone individual and the planet earth gives her resources to aid these adventurers. Using the mind and integrity of these individuals who wants the best for planet earth, their work begins. Seeing the greed and misfortune of many of the people of planet earth, they strive to create a balance of power, and equalization of the wealth. A world where religion, race, money gives way to love, peace, equalization. A man with the power of earth establishes a purpose for the people, a long forgotten dream that there are other being like us somewhere in the universe. And so the search begins with the people of planet earth colonizing the universe and searcing the cosmos. There is a pause in the greed and corruptions. That is until the adventurers disappear. The Great Council created to bring the planets of Earth World together, becomes the weapon to the destruction of peace.
Gareth has a problem. He got expelled. Now he and his twin brother, Morgan, have to start over at an artsy new private school, and it's all Gareth's fault. Not to mention Morgan's crippling social anxiety and Gareth's resting jerk face aren't making them any friends, and their father is furious with him. Gareth could live with this, but Morgan's mad at him too, and Morgan is the only person alive who can make Gareth feel guilty. Good thing Gareth has a plan. Cute, bubbly Felix, a student at their new school, has a crush on Morgan, and they both want to act in their school's production of Midsummer Night's Dream. Gareth figures it's the perfect way to help Morgan come out of his shell and set him up with Felix. Then, maybe Morgan will forgive him, and Gareth can go back to not caring about anything or anyone. But Gareth has another problem. He's been cast as Oberon, and Felix is Titania. Oh, and Morgan doesn't like Felix back. And maybe Gareth is enjoying the play and making new friends and having a good time at his new school. And maybe—just maybe—he's got a crush on Felix. Can Gareth keep up his tough-guy act long enough to repair his relationship with Morgan, or will Felix get caught in the fallout of Gareth's dumb schemes?
We live in a world of mystery, wonder, and beauty. But most of us seldom participate in this real world, being focused rather on the parts that are mostly strife, suffering, or meaninglessness. The situation is basically due to our not realizing and living our full human potential. This potential can be actualized by the realization and development of human essence. The human essence is the part of us that is innate and real, and which can participate in the real world. The series of books Diamond Heart are transcriptions of talks given by A. H. Almaas to inner work groups in Colorado and California.

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