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This book is the first full-length study to focus on the various film adaptations of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, which have been a popular source for adaptation since Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train (1952). The collection of essays examines films such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Two Faces of January, and Carol, includes interviews with Highsmith adaptors and provides a comprehensive filmography of all existing Highsmith adaptations. Particular attention is paid to queer subtexts, mythological underpinnings, philosophical questioning, contrasting media environments and formal conventions in diverse generic contexts. Produced over the space of seventy years, these adaptations reflect broad cultural and material shifts in film production and critical approaches to film studies. The book is thus not only of interest to Highsmith admirers but to anyone interested in adaptation and transatlantic film history.
Was weiß man heute über eine motivations- und zugleich gesundheitsförderliche Organisation und Gestaltung von Arbeit? Welche Ansätze haben sich bewährt und welche sollte man in der organisationalen Praxis auf keinen Fall weiter verfolgen? Die Beiträge dieses Bandes geben empirisch gut fundierte Antworten auf diese Fragen, die nicht nur für Wissenschaftler und Studierende, sondern auch für Praktiker von Nutzen sind. Vorgestellt werden insbesondere solche Theorien, Diagnosemethoden, Trainingsprogramme und Organisationskonzepte, die einer empirischen Überprüfung und Bewertung auf Praxistauglichkeit standhalten. Es handelt sich dabei um Ansätze, die sowohl die Gestaltung individueller Arbeit als auch die Gestaltung von Gruppenarbeit zum Ziel haben. Auch neue, viel versprechende Entwicklungen und Perspektiven der aktuellen Arbeitsmotivationsforschung werden erörtert.
Whether it be dressage, showjumping, eventing or hobby riding, our common goal is to enjoy riding, treat our horses well and reach personal goals. To demonstrate how highly successful competitive sport can indeed go hand in hand with a close-to-nature, horse-friendly way of caring for and looking after horses, we provide insights into the personal training and stable management concepts of Uta Graef. The authors will show everything that goes into this approach, including, for example, the structure of training, supporting horses in a way which respects their age, as well as general care and behaviour around horses. But you as a rider are also very important! How can you change your attitude towards horses in a positive way? How can you maintain your pleasure in riding or, if lost, win it back? How can it be possible to ride with less stress in future? The stable culture and the way classes and lessons are structured also play an important role in ensuring you enjoy your riding. The authors will show what influences each and every rider can optimise in order to reach the goal of fine riding on motivated horses. The book will encourage you to follow a horse-friendly path towards personal success, adhering to the principles of classical training and, step by step, working up towards your personal goals. This does not necessarily have to be competitive success, but it could also simply be the desire for fine riding on motivated horses. Therefore, the authors of this book wish to emphasise what kind of thought processes and which principles are particularly suitable for a positive influence on fine riding, rather than just listing training movements and the requirements at different levels. It is not a classical textbook, but rather a helpful and pleasant read with many 'behind the scenes' insights for riders of all disciplines and of all levels.

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