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Digital Branding gives step-by-step, practical guidance on how to build a brand online. Through exploring topics like content marketing, social media, search optimisation and web analytics, Daniel Rowles develops a robust framework for brand planning, channel selection and measuring the effectiveness of your brand campaigns. Digital Branding contains real world case studies, a guide to the free and paid tools that can help measure digital branding in each of the different online channels, examples of social guidelines, process and policy and an original step by step digital branding process along with measurement techniques and guidelines.
Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 9,2, Maastricht University (University College Maastricht), language: English, abstract: The Internet has revolutionized the world in many ways. Recently, it seems that both people and organizations have gone all digital. This paper shall give an explanation of Reitkopf’s statement on marketing by investigating to what extent the Internet has affected the world of corporate branding and elaborating on advantages and pitfalls of this medium. Arguably, digital branding can be a highly valuable online marketing tool if, and only if, an organization wins the challenge to understand its customers, to successfully establish a positive customer-brand relationship, and to have a comparative advantage over its online competitors. The structure of this paper his threefold. In the first part, it will derive implications of the Internet and social media on branding in general by elucidating advantages and disadvantages of the digital world. Secondly, the essay will focus on a specific aspect of the so-called I-branding (Simmons,2007), namely co-creation of brands. Lastly, a case study of the sports brand Nike will further clarify the meaning of I-branding and will provide examples for the advantages and disadvantages mentioned in the first part.
Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing including how to calculate return on investment and other important promotional metrics.
Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Communications - Media Economics, Media Management, grade: 1,3, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, language: English, abstract: The invention of social media had one of the biggest impacts on how people live today. Not only communication has changed, even more it influences the whole perception and creation of reality. Throughout history, developments in communication and technology have gone collateral. Technological advances, such as the internet, social media and mobile devices, have changed human behavior and communication. Back in 1980, Toffler describes in his book "The third wave" how society had progressed through three historic waves. The first one started from a hunter-gatherer structure to transform to an agriculture society. Second, the industrial age with its technological advances, starting to provide mass distribution of consumption, media, education and entertainment. The third wave is the so called "Information Age", when knowledge began to become more valuable over material items, and it has just begun. New inventions, like virtual reality, voice recognition, and connected mobility are going to permeate society in the future. Entrepreneurs need to make use of these trends to thrive in an omni-connected, always-online and non-real world. The online marketing, digital branding and social media communication strategy represented in this paper, is created for a car brand. In this essay, the company BMW is going to be used as a substitute, to show how the strategy can be adapted to a specific brand.
Consumer trust is more important than ever, as digital platforms and social media have redefined the relationship between businesses and consumers. In this new and disruptive commercial environment, consumers have developed an expectancy of direct, transparent communication through social media. The traditional means of building and maintaining trust have been rendered obsolete by the chaotic, competitive magnitude of multiple online platforms. With a unique combination of academic rigour and practical guidance, Digital Trust is the definitive guide to effectively using social media to build an authentic, trustful connection with your consumer base. Drawing on his extensive experience in marketing and communications, Barry Connolly demonstrates how to harness the commercial opportunities provided by social media, while also showing how you can avoid its most common mistakes and pitfalls. With original research and illuminating case studies, Digital Trust provides adaptable and accessible social media strategies that will strengthen and expand your consumer base.
Your first step in a business is the most important one! When crafting a digital branding strategy, you want longevity. That’s the only way to succeed! In order to develop an effective digital marketing mix, it is important to understand the value of your brand for each target market. Of course, the value of a brand in a web-based company may have heightened importance due to the intangible nature of the web. Bottom line is that you always need to keep it simple and give a WOW experience. The game is changing and you need to step up! Digital branding is the creation and development of communications strategies specifically for brands to have a meaningful context on the web. Branding is not what you say but what you do! In this book, we will create together step by step your digital branding strategy and give your consumers an unforgettable experience.
"This book explores digital branding and its role in establishing the reputation of academic institutions and programs"--

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