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This compilation of thousands of overused words and phrases, and alternatives to them, is the ultimate tool for the writer who seeks to weed out common, tired, language and replace it with crisp, concise writing. Humorous examples of bad language make for great browsing, while readers can also look up specific clichés and find fresh options.
Provides basic writing guidelines, tips on reducing wordiness, and a dictionary of phrases and their alternatives.
The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of English words and their French equivalent translations. It will be very useful for everyone (home, school, students, travel, interpreting and learning French or English). Целокупни речник је абецедни списак енглеских ријечи и француски еквивалентни пријеводи. Биће веома корисно за све (кућу, школу, студенте, путовања, тумачење и учење француског или енглеског језика).
The liberalization of political and intellectual life in China and the rise of Tibetan exile communities throughout the world have produced a resurgence of spoken and written Tibetan. These developments, together with increasing contacts between Western scholars and Tibetans, have created a widening circle of English-speakers—in government, business, academia, and elsewhere—who need to speak or write Tibetan with precision and clarity. For these people, and for others who want to communicate with Tibetans in their own language, Professor Goldstein's Dictionary will be an indispensable aid. The first scholarly English-Tibetan dictionary, as well as the only one that is semantically sensitive, this work specifies the Tibetan terms that correspond to the submeanings of a single English term. Containing roughly 16,000 main entries, most of which have multiple subentries, the Dictionary treats a total of 45,000 lexical items. Each entry includes both the written Tibetan orthography and a phonemic notation to indicate pronunciation. Grammatical features are also noted, and all examples of usage are presented with the romanticization of the written Tibetan and phonemic notation of the spoken forms. An introductory essay familiarizes users with the main features of Tibetan grammar.
Kodanshas Dictionary of Basic Japanese Idioms is a Kodansha International publication.
"More than 200 of the most excellent, most desirable, most sensible, most suitable, most satisfying words"--P. [4] of cover.
This book answers the need of crossword puzzlers for one single-purpose reference work. In addition to general vocabulary and synonyms, there are entries covering history; the natural and physical sciences; literature; music, painting, and other arts; religion; mythology; sports; popular culture; and current affairs, among others. - Preface.
First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
This unique dictionary covers all the major German idioms and is probably the richest source of contemporary German idioms available, with 33,000 headwords. Within each entry the user is provided with: English equivalents; variants; contexts and precise guidance on the degree of currency/rarity of an idiomatic expression. This dictionary is an essential reference for achieving fluency in the language. It will be invaluable for all serious learners and users of German. Not for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The third edition of the New Penguin English Dictionaryis a truly magnificent resource, to be trustedand treasured. Edited and compiled by world-renowned lexicographers, the dictionary retains the utmost authorityon the English language by offering detailed and clear definitions plus word and phrase histories. In addition to traditional values, the dictionary is at the forefront of the evolution of English with hundreds of new words. This is Penguin's flagship dictionaryand, as part of our Penguin Reference Library, it draws on over 70 years of experience in bringing reliable, useful and clear information to millions of readers around the world. We make knowledge everybody's property.
This new directory lists agents and reps across North America, and it also answers the most-often-asked questions about reps in 10 articles written by professional agents and reps. Includes listings of literaty agents, script agents, and art/photo reps.
Intermediate to advanced students of American English will find this pocket-sized reference, which contains more than 1,600 slang terms and expressions, invaluable. These are the words and phrases that native speakers actually use in day-to-day situations, not the dry textbook English that is usually taught in school. These terms have been collected from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and daily conversation. Each entry is presented with the International Pronunciation Alphabet (IPA) recommended pronunciation, a Standard English definition, and a sample sentence to illustrate usage and context. Expressions are rated, inoffensive to highly offensive, using a numbering system from one to six.
A-Z format, 500,000 synonyms and hundreds of recently coined and common slang terms.
With more than 7,000 definitions, this book provides a definitive guide to the use of slang today. It deals with drugs, sport and contemporary society, as well as favourite slang topics such as sex and bodily functions. In this convenient paperback edition of the highly acclaimed Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, language and culture expert Tony Thorne explores the ever-changing underworld of the English language, bringing back intriguing examples of eccentricity and irreverence from the linguistic front-line. "Thorne is a kind of slang detective, going down the streets where other lexicographers fear to tread." Daily Telegraph
For anyone studying French or travelling to a French-speaking country, this portable, bilingual dictionary is just the ticket. Focusing on the everyday words people use most, it features more than 70,000 succinct entries, useful guidance on grammar, concise tables of irregular verbs, and helpful coverage of idioms.
Webster's New French Dictionary French/English - English/French With more than 70,000 references and 100,000 translations, Webster's New French Dictionary offers students, travelers, and businesspeople the ready reference they need in a handy, portable format. The most readable French dictionary available Coverage of current phrases and usage Ideal for school, work, and travel Provides the right words quickly for every situation

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