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The essential companion to the book that revolutionized entrepreneurship Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook provides a practical manual for working the 24-step framework presented in Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Unlocking key lessons and breaking down the steps, this book helps you delve deeper into the framework to get your business up and running with a greater chance for success. You'll find the tools you need to sharpen your instinct, engage your creativity, work through hardship, and give the people what they want—even if they don't yet know that they want it. Real-world examples illustrate the framework in action, and case studies highlight critical points that can make or break you when your goal is on the line. Exercises and assessments help you nail down your strengths, while pointing out areas that could benefit from reinforcement—because when it comes to your business, "good enough" isn't good enough—better is always better. Disciplined Entrepreneurship transformed the way that professionals think about starting a company, and this book helps you dig into the proven framework to make your business dreams a reality. Delve deeper into the 24 steps to success Innovate, persevere, and create the product people want Internalize lessons learned from real-world entrepreneurs Test your understanding with exercises and case studies The book also includes new material on topics the author has found to be extremely useful in getting the most value out of the framework including Primary Market Research, Windows of Opportunity and Triggers. The book also introduces the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Canvas to track your progress on this journey. Starting a company is a serious undertaking, with plenty of risk and sacrifice to go around—so why not minimize the risk and make the outcome worth the sacrifice? Author Bill Aulet's 24-step framework is proven to build a successful business; the key is in how well you implement it. Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook helps you master the skills, tools, and mindset you need to get on your path to success.
24 Steps to Success! Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way youthink about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurshipcannot be taught, but great entrepreneurs aren’t born withsomething special – they simply make great products. Thisbook will show you how to create a successful startup throughdeveloping an innovative product. It breaks down the necessaryprocesses into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-stepframework that any industrious person can learn andapply. You will learn: Why the “F” word – focus – is crucialto a startup’s success Common obstacles that entrepreneurs face – and how toovercome them How to use innovation to stand out in the crowd –it’s not just about technology Whether you’re a first-time or repeat entrepreneur,Disciplined Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need toimprove your odds of making a product people want. Author Bill Aulet is the managing director of the Martin TrustCenter for MIT Entrepreneurship as well as a senior lecturer at theMIT Sloan School of Management. For more please visit ahref=""
Workbook for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Curious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start? This workbook is designed in by LaunchX to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through the process of founding a company. LaunchX has worked in collaboration with MIT on developing materials and programs for aspiring entrepreneurs for over 5 years, including having an online course with enrollment in the hundreds of thousands. Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur will provide you with inspiration to explore an entrepreneurial path and tools to overcome the initial challenges of building a business. From developing new business ideas and doing market research to designing and testing your offering and pitching, this course follows LaunchX's successful approach to entrepreneurship that leverages MIT's Disciplined Entrepreneurship, lean methodologies, and design thinking. Activities will challenge you to get you to get into the community to make a real impact. No previous business or entrepreneurship experience needed. Embark on your entrepreneurial journey now! Learn more about LaunchX at our website: http: //
The third volume of the Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy critically examines past practices, current thinking, and future insights into the ever-expanding world of Entrepreneurship education. Prepared under the auspices of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), this compendium covers a broad range of scholarly, practical, and thoughtful perspectives on a compelling range of entrepreneurship education issues.
This book aims to guide readers to learn the necessary enterprise skills to create and run their own businesses. It provides not only a manual for business skills​ but also a step-by-step guide that will enable readers to successfully master, develop and run an enterprise. This one-stop manual offers a simple explanation of all the essential enterprise skills and learning resources needed for a theoretical understanding of the topic, as well as practical tips for the budding entrepreneur. A reader will particularly learn: • The conceptual framework of enterprise functions. • Skills, concepts and functions necessary to understand the enterprise. • Tools necessary for assessing yourself as an entrepreneur. • Steps essential for creating an enterprise, including developing a viable business concept, product-market fit and business model. • Steps significant for running and growing an enterprise successfully. • Tools for assessing the ability of your enterprise to grow.
The VIOS Values is a tale of self discovery and empowerment for future leaders and entrepreneurs. A realistic playbook to help professionals like you, to use their full potential to become an industry expert.Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and other specialists, can now reach their life goals - with the help of the intensive experiences that has shaped Dr. Ismail, once just another physician in an unrewarding career, to a renowned changemaker in the health startup scene.In each chapter you will get to know the Red Flags to avoid in business and life.As a bonus, you will also know the best ways to develop your Growth Mindset.
This competency-based series is designed to give students a competitive advantage as they market themselves to potential employers. Fulfillment of customers' wants and needs at a fair profit is the focus of each text-workbook.
All too often, financial statements conceal more than they reveal.Even after the recent economic crisis, those analyzing financialstatements face serious new concerns and challenges. The FourthEdition of Financial Statement Analysis skillfully puts thisdiscipline in perspective, and now, with this companion Workbook,you can hone your skills and test the knowledge you've gained fromthe actual text, before putting them to work in real-worldsituations. Question-and-answer sections within this Workbookcorrespond to each chapter of Financial Statement Analysis,Fourth Edition. Part One (Questions) provides chapter-by-chapterfill-in-the-blank questions, as well as financial statement andcomputational exercises. They are designed to be thought-provokingand require analysis and synthesis of the concepts covered in thebook. The answers to all questions, which can be found in Part Two,are provided in boldfaced italic type in order to facilitate thechecking of answers and comprehension of material. By enhancing your understanding of financial statement analysis,you can begin to undertake genuine, goal-oriented analysis andprepare for the practical challenges of contemporary business. Thisreliable resource will help you achieve such a difficult goal andallow you to make more informed decisions—whether you'reevaluating a company's stock price or determining valuations for amerger or acquisition.
The trusted leader in test preparation offers targeted practice and review for students studying for the challenging Analytical Writing sections of the GRE and GMAT exams.
In the Developing the Leader Within You Workbook, John Maxwell examines the differences between leadership styles, outlines specific ways each reader can apply principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others. These principles can be used in any organization to foster integrity and self-discipline and bring a positive change. Developing the Leader Within You Workbook also allows readers to discover how to be effective in the highest calling of leadership by understanding the five characteristics that set "leader managers" apart from "run-of-the-mill managers." In this companion to the bestseller, John Maxwell shows readers how to develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders.
This book challenges the conventional views of divorce, and presents instead the refreshingly sane view that getting organized, tackling practical matters, and giving priority to financial and legal decisions relieves much of the trauma and confusion. The Divorce Decisions Workbook addresses a full array of divorce issues including: tax implications, custody, property rights, child support, and alternatives to litigation.
We want to help you succeed on the TABE's verbal section Whether you're looking to qualify for a government job, a career with a private company, or demonstrate your literacy and math abilities for school placement, a high score on the TABE will help you work towards your career goals and the life you want. Written by a leader in adult education, this book is designed to help you identify your goals and discover more about your learning preferences and study habits. You'll discover the strategies that make learning and test taking easier for you. And you'll learn essential reading and writing skills by using familiar, everyday items, including work documents, graphs and charts, and Internet based materials. McGraw-Hill's TABE Level A Verbal Workbook helps you with: Practice exercises just like the ones on the test-with complete explanations Real-life materials and examples that help you to build the skills you need Total coverage of all the verbal test sections, including reading, language usage, and spelling Strategies that show you how to work smarter, not harder-and get the most out of your study time
Life Map Goal Setting is based on the wisdom of the COACH Method, branded in the COACH Me intervention and provided here as a workbook. You will find a mindset, tools, and techniques that will optimize your intelligence and your schedule as well. This workbook has 5 overarching competencies. 1.Effectively identify and manage all available resources. 2.Implement goal setting based on a carefully scaffolded vision. 3.Partialize projects, breaking them into their component parts. 4.Prioritize projects for the greatest efficiency and productivity. 5.Manufacture discipline as a skill resulting in perpetual motivation
Now updated! Expert verbal preparation for the TABE exam that is the first step to lifelong success Whether you're looking to quality for a government job, to launch a career with a private company, or to demonstrate your abilities for school placement, a high score on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) will help you reach your goals. Written by recognized leaders in adult education, this book is designed to help you identify your goals and discover more about your unique learning preferences and study habits. You'll consider which subject-specific strategies make learning and test-taking easier for you. You'll learn basic verbal skills by using familiar, everyday items such as work documents, graphs and charts, and internet-based materials. With this step-by-step guide, you will sharpen the skills you need to succeed on the TABE--and move ahead in your career. Features Practice exercises just like the ones on the test--with complete explanations Real-life materials and examples that help you to build the skills you need Total preparation for all TABE verbal topics, including reading, language usage, and spelling Strategies that show you how to work smarter, not harder--and get the most out of your study time About the Authors Phyllis Dutwin, M.A., is president of Dutwin Associates, a company that consults with major publishers to develop books for adult students. Linda Eve Diamond comes from a corporate training background and is the author of business, education, and self-help books.

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