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This global guide to the world's top dive sites is a useful reference source for divers who wish to experience the best diving the planet has to offer. In addition to comprehensive mapping, it features underwater photography showing famous wrecks, a wide range of marine habitats and more.
Explore the underwater world From basic diving certification topics and techniques to advanced technical diving, Complete Diving Manual has everything you need—all in full, stunning color. Whether you're an experienced diver or haven't yet gotten your C-card, your passport to diving expeditions is here, including: Choosing, using, maintaining, and storing equipment Basic training, from pool to open water Diving physiology, including buoyancy, behavior of gases, the bends, and hypothermia Dive planning, including decompression dives Safety and first aid Diving reefs, wrecks, and caves; warm and cold water; boat diving, and more Diving for marine biology, archaeology, photography, and videography Prime locations for the best diving excursions worldwide With the Complete Diving Manual, you can investigate every aspect of this great sport. Let the adventures begin.
This coffee table book features around 60 of the world's top diving locations. Aimed at both the experienced and amateur diver, sites have been chosen for their beauty and uniqueness, and the quality of their underwater life. The book is divided into the world's great oceans, and a two page introduction explores the differences between them and the contrasting marine species they embrace.
Here, Kockton reveals hidden and common dive sites in Australia including wreck locations, reefs, snorkel sites and spots where you can see Grey Nurse sharks, sponge gardens and corals. It comes complete with maps; advice for marine protection and for marine collection; tide information; what to do when encountering sharks; evaluating a dive operator; and diving emergency procedures and help.
With more than 6000 photographs of marine fishes this book sets a new benchmark for their identification. It provides the greatest possible coverage and is aimed primarily to assist people interested in marine fishes and their scientific names or classification. Presented here are the fishes one is likely to see when diving or snorkeling in the sea, as well as those that are traded in the aquarium industry. This World Atlas includes both tropical and temperate fishes. Depending on the size and popularity of the groups or families, introductions to these provide general information, distribution and habitat, number of species, interesting facts on behavior and aquarium suitability. In the case of very large families like wrasses, damsels or gobies, separate introductions may be dedicated to each distinctive group or subfamily. The greatest possible number of photographs is used on a page, but in sizes that clearly identify the fish. Variable species may be illustrated with more than one picture. In all, included are some 4,200 species. This is an invaluable reference book for the great variety of marine fishes found in the world's seas. As such it addresses all fish enthusiasts - divers, snorkelers, fish watchers, fisherman, reef surveyors, aquarists, ichthyologists and bio-geographers.
Beautiful, illustrated maps packed with fascinating facts about people, cities, cultures, and landmarks. Stunning fold-out continent mapes showcase the world's terrains and wildlife plus the countries of the world at a glance.
Designed in consultation with NASA and the NOAA, a detailed exploration of the Earth's oceans provides more than 150 maps, photos, and satellite images combined with information on its diverse life and phenomena, as well as related technological developments.

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