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Two siblings go on a deep-sea dive and find unexpected treasures and adventure.
A reissue of Willard Price's classic adventure series set in the animal kingdom. Hal and Roger Hunt dive straight into danger on a specimen-collecting trip to Undersea City. But it's not just sharks and killer whales the brothers have to fear when they are plunged into the depths of another adventure.
Describes deep sea diving, its history, dangers, and some divers' underwater adventures.
Get ready forThe Ladybug Buddies as they head out on their Incredible Scuba Diving Adventure! No ladybug has ever gone into the ocean so deep and survived to tell about it. But they are trying to learn what it means to be real buddies. So, when they decide to tag along with some dive buddies who are going to a Navy school, they had no idea what they were really getting into. It was a lot harder than they thought it would be! It isn't until they end up on a real mission that they find out what being a real buddy is all about. And if it's worth it.

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