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Newly updated for Django 2.1 and Python 3.7. Django for Beginners takes you from total beginner to confident Django developer. Proceed step-by-step through five progressively more complex projects: from a Hello World app all the way to a robust Newspaper app with a custom user model, complete user authentication flow, foreign key relationships, and more. Learn current best practices around class-based views, templates, urls, user authentication, testing, and deployment. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Chapter 1: Initial Setup Chapter 2: Hello World app Chapter 3: Pages app Chapter 4: Message Board app Chapter 5: Blog app Chapter 6: Forms Chapter 7: User Accounts Chapter 8: Custom User Model Chapter 9: User Authentication Chapter 10: Bootstrap Chapter 11: Password Change and Reset Chapter 12: Email Chapter 13: Newspaper app Chapter 14: Permissions and Authorizations Chapter 15: Comments Conclusion

Updated for Django 2.2 and Python 3.7.

REST APIs with Django teaches how to build robust web APIs with Python and Django. An existing Django site can be transformed into an API in a matter of minutes but in this book we'll go well beyond the basics and build three progressively more complex APIs: a Library API, Todo API connected to a React front-end, and a Blog API featuring user authentication, permissions, documentation, and more.



Chapter 1: Web APIs

Chapter 2: Library website and API

Chapter 3: Todo API

Chapter 4: Todo React Frontend

Chapter 5: Blog API

Chapter 6: Permissions

Chapter 7: User Authentication

Chapter 8: Viewsets and Routers

Chapter 9: Schemas and Documentation


Build your first website with Python and Django will teach you step by step, and in easy to understand language, how to design, build and deploy a complete website.Python has a strong reputation for being the easiest programming language to learn and paired with Django, they make a perfect platform for programmers to learn web application development.Beginners and programmers new to Django alike will get something out of this book. Each chapter is written in the same easy to understand style and each line of code is explained so you can gain a full understanding of what is going on in the application.The book concludes with full instructions on how to deploy the website you have created to the Internet.
Being a beginner's guide this book has a very simple and clear approach. It is a practical guide that will help you learn the features of Django and help you build a dynamic website using those features. This book is for web developers who want to see how to build a complete site with Web 2.0 features, using the power of a proven and popular development system, but do not necessarily want to learn how a complete framework functions in order to do this. Basic knowledge of Python development is required for this book, but no knowledge of Django is expected.
Beginning Django E-Commerce guides you through producing an e-commerce site using Django, the most popular Python web development framework. Topics covered include how to make a shopping cart, a checkout, and a payment processor; how to make the most of Ajax; and search engine optimization best practices. Throughout the book, you'll take each topic and apply it to build a single example site, and all the while you'll learn the theory behind what you're architecting. Build a fully functional e-commerce site. Learn to architect your site properly to survive in an increasingly competitive online landscape with good search engine optimization techniques. Become versed in the Django web framework and learn how you can put it to use to drastically reduce the amount of work you need to do to get a site up and running quickly.
Build powerful web applications, quickly and cleanly, with the Django application framework.
Build a world-class website in less than a week with Django CMS. Beginning Django CMS shows you how to simply and easily write a dynamic website with a full content management system in the backend. It is written for Internet developers who are sick and tired of dealing with complicated, bloated website frameworks that are a pain to build and a nightmare to maintain. Django CMS is an Open Source website building framework that is experiencing exponential growth because it is built on the simple, secure and scalable architecture of Django. This book takes you from knowing nothing about Django CMS, to building a functional website and content management system that you can deploy for your own website or for your customers. What You'll Learn: Install and configure Django CMS Build a dynamic website quickly and easily Author and submit content for publication Administer Django CMS Install and use custom and third-party plugins Deploy a website using Django CMS Who This Book is For: Beginning Django CMS is for programmers, in particular Python and Django programmers, wishing to build a simple, custom content management system (CMS). They do not have to be directly interested in the Django CMS application, Beginning Django CMS will be equally useful to a programmer looking to build a functioning CMS rapidly.

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