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A concise book on the food people feed their dogs. What healthy foods are out there and what can make them sick. Information on what they put on the label and how to read and understand what it says. If you are going to feed them what you eat, you should understand that what is considered healthy and beneficial for you doesn't mean that they are going to have the same results.
In Outsmarting the Riptide of Domestic Violence: Metaphor and Mindfulness for Change, Pat Pernicano translates issues central to domestic violence recovery into metaphorical stories and mindfulness narratives that will facilitate the change process. The stories are intended to be used in conjunction with trauma-focused interventions in order to reduce troubling symptoms, address risk and relapse-potential, change relational patterns, and remediate attachment deficits. Pernicano provides practitioners with a needed bridge between theory and practice, a one-of-a-kind resource for therapists, counselors, and social workers who aid victims of domestic violence. Pernicano s book is organized according to the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model and includes stories within each section to facilitate the change process in the individual while using TF-CBT PRACTICE elements: Psycho-education about domestic violence and trauma, Relaxation (and stress reduction), Affective expression and regulation, Cognitive restructuring, Trauma narrative development and processing, In vivo exposure to avoided situations, Conjoint sessions with children, and Enhancing future safety and healthy relationship development."
The perfect holiday gift for fans of the world’s funniest feline! It's not that he doesn't have plenty to think about. Garfield could ponder the fact that he's the most popular cat in feline history. He could even examine his soul to discover why he's so funny, so mean to Odie, so nice to Nermal, and so exasperating and lovable to Jon. But he'd probably just prefer to think about food....
This collection of short stories and essays contains a variety of selections that are often flights of fancy and imagination, but some of them may rise to the level of food for thought. The first long story is a futuristic science fiction piece envisioning a world where power struggles and usurping of liberties and rights occur in cyberspace, not territory. The rest of the stories comprise a wide variety of writings and thoughts. They range from fantasies to science fiction pieces to some animal, toy, teddy bear, and allegory stories that may appeal to children and the young at heart as well as some serious reflections about the meaning of major celebrations of Christmas and Easter. The author hopes that her readers will enjoy these stories and essays. She decided not to use a title speaking of specific desserts and treats because too many people were mistaking her earlier short-story collections for cookbooks. I still maintain that good stories and literature are every bit as nourishing as dinners and desserts but in a more profound way, she insists.
Richard Todd Canton describes himself as a working man. Never one to sit around for long periods of time, he's made a habit of keeping busy-and paying attention. He entered the working world at twelve, when he stepped through the back door of a restaurant and asked for a job. Since then, he's learned from some masters and has applied that knowledge to every aspect of his life. Along the way, he's also met some interesting characters-and you'll meet many of them in this collection of anecdotes from his colorful and unusual life. As one of nine children, he learned early on that the observant person can find inspiration in every person he encounters. His brother, seven sisters, and widowed mother were among the first to inspire him. This memoir invites you to join him on a journey through life, love, and other lessons. He shares some of the experiences and lessons he learned growing up in the food business (and in business in general). You'll meet some intriguing characters who have influenced Canton in one way or the other; you might even recognize yourself or your friends within the tales. Take a journey with him back through time as you meet some of the magnificent people who have made an impact on his life.
A reissue of a classic South African cookbook, which is at the same time a book of profound wisdom and great delight. Martin Versveld was a man of many parts and philosopher of renown and, in this work he provides stimulation and, quite literally, food for thought. If it offers new insights into what may be termed the "semiotics of gastronomy", it also transcends our customary systems of thought to become an inquiry into human values.

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