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It makes no difference whether you are a National Health Dental Practice, or a top end Cosmetic Dental Practice, if you have a passion for providing excellent communication to your Patients, then you will love this book. You will discover; * How to turn patient enquires to your practice into an appointment * How to create the perfect consultation and patient journey * How to talk money with confidence and achieve the prices your services deserve * The secrets to becoming a true master of the art of persuasion * How to present solutions to patients, so they want to buy from you * How to work together as a team, so that you never drop the baton again * Help more of your patients say YES more often And more "I have known Ashley for a number of years and have attended many of his courses. I have always been impressed by his unique approach to a skill at which many dentists are poor- Sales & Communication. What makes this book different from the rest, is that it concentrates on the patient journey from initial enquiry to completion. With a mix of anecdotes and skills it highlights ways in which practices can move forward. A must for the whole practice team." John Lewis Ghyllmount Dental
I was born, Cynthia Lynn Bennett, in Central Louisiana. Where, I later married, my best friend. Our children are doing well. We made Louisiana our home. Where our, three children and two grand kids live. The grand kids are growing like weeds. Working in my flower bed is relaxing. A little dirt never hurt anybody. There is not anytime for sewing lately. The feeling, of knowing, you made it yourself is great. Its good for the soul. When, we have figs, I make Strawberry fig preserves. They are tasty good, with hot homemade biscuits. My stories are about many things. My love cats and kittens. I realized there were many stray cats around. Sometimes they just wander, from house to house. They hunted mice, in the hay barn. Cats wander like free spirits. We gave them nick names. Sassy kitten she was gray. They played, on the porch. I named a few like gray boy, snowball and Mama Cat. I would rock, on the porch trying to play with them. Every cat had a bowl. There was one brave kitten. I named her, Cindy kitten. There fore Cindy kittens Adventures were born. Hope my stories about Cindy kitten and her friends, make you smile. Cindy kitten has more adventures for you. Enjoy reading my stories, until our next adventure.
Most of the young today want to be treated like young adults, while continuing to have their small child privileges around the house where they grew up. This is some information to the young generation of today on how to be more independent and self sufficient. Its time to grow up!!!
What happens when a child loses a tooth on Christmas Eve? Can a tooth be put under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy even though Santa is expected that same night? This question is answered through the experience of six-year-old Amanda who has this very problem upon losing her first tooth. Amanda's wish comes true with evidence to prove it in this delightful children's book.
The Crustlings is about a group of friends who win an adventure weekend. While cave-diving, a storm breaks out above them. With the weight and pressure of the water, the cave system collapses, sending the friends deep into the centre of the earth and a subterranean world, where they join the local inhabitants in a series of amazing adventures over crystals to bring peace back to the subterranean world where life began.
A little girl and an extraordinary teddy bear share the secrets of a wondrous, sometimes puzzling world in this charming children’s tale that celebrates diversity, from the acclaimed author of the schoolroom classic To Sir, With Love Lisbeth has a new best friend, her toy bear, Billingsly, who has one perfectly formed ear that is ideal for hearing what goes on in the world around him. But with his left ear, which is misshapen, he listens to Lisbeth alone. When she speaks into Billingsly’s crinkled ear, Billingsly speaks back, though he’ll talk to no one but Lisbeth because adults would never listen to him the way she does, and other children tend to shun him because he is different. When Lisbeth is in school, Billingsly enjoys adventures from his perch on the windowsill in her bedroom with animals roaming the outside world and magical creatures like the Tooth Fairy and the other bear in the mirror. But his greatest adventures take place when he is in Lisbeth’s arms, for nothing is more magical than a little girl’s love. Filled with wit and wonder, Billingsly is the tale of an extraordinary friendship that is sure to enchant children of all ages, and adults who are young at heart.

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