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Get ready for lots of creative fun with this exciting dot-to-dot and sticker activity book. Join the dots and place the stickers to make fun scenes! Bursting with busy scenes to complete, colour and stick, this book introduces fun activities that are perfect for little hands. Includes more than 450 fun stickers.
Children who love these fabulous creatures (and what child doesn't?) will be delighted to find more than just the same old dinosaurs in this collection of over 74 dot-to-dot activity puzzles...Instead of just the usual Diplodocus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus, there are so many other extraordinary creatures waiting for you to discover, including: - Achelousaurus - Bambiraptor - Cedarosaurus - Draconyx - Eotyrannus - Fukuiraptor - Gojirasaurus - Hesperasaurus - Ilokelsia - Jeholopterus - Lurdusaurus - Mymoorapelta - Nigersaurus - Protohadros - Quilmesaurus - Rapetosaurus - Sauroposeidon - Wellnhoferia - Zhejiangopterus - Each dinosaur's page of facts includes - how to pronounce its name - meaning of name - when it was named - when it lived - where it lived - its size and weight - related animals - Guaranteed to appeal to all boys and girls fascinated by dinosaurs. Art activities combining fun with learning: each spread features real hard facts and information about the natural world.
Connect the dots to reveal a dinosaur! Filled with puzzles to complete and color in, this fun and easy dot-to-dot coloring book will engage the imagination of puzzlers ages 4 and up. Kids will find out why T. Rex is roaring, what Diplodocus is eating, and where Pterodactyl is flying. The wide variety of dinosaurs included, from fast land creatures and speedy swimmers to happy herbivores and fierce carnivores, will keep kids entertained for hours.
Dinosaur-mad kids will love learning more about their favorite creatures in this fun and educational activity book. The adventure begins as young paleontologists join time-traveling explorers Mini and Max on a dot to dot mission to reveal dinosaurs hidden on each page. Kids get to meet a wide variety of creatures, including: the plant-eating Saturnalia and the carnivorous Eoraptor, who lived about 225 million years ago; the North American Technosaurus and its enemy, the Coelophysis; the giant Brachiosaurus and even larger Diplodocus; and the plated Stegosaurus. Each one appears in a spread with full-color art and a maximum of 50 dots per puzzle making the counting easy. Dinosaur experts from the British Natural History Museum have fully approved all the simple, understandable text.
Fierce predators and gentle herbivores alike populate these pages, in 30 pictures of a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Brachiosaurus, and other captivating creatures from the Age of Reptiles.
No creature has ever amazed our kids more than the dinosaurs. This activity book will really be fun for them because they will have a glimpse of what its like inside the world of these prehistoric beasts. Connect the dots improve hand and eye coordination and motor skills. Coloring the completed image will boost imagination and creativity. Grab a copy today!
Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot Homework Helper provides children in preschool to grade 1 with extra help in learning basic skills. Packed full of fun-to-do activities and appealing art, children will have fun completing the reproducible pages and developing visual discrimination at the same time. Answer keys are also included where needed. Our cost-effective Homework Helpers workbooks are a must-have! They provide help for students who need extra practice with basic skills, for the accelerated student who enjoys an extra challenge, and for the young learner who is developing basic concepts and readiness skills. They also help boost self-confidence and reinforce basic skills with activities that are geared to the specific grade level. Collect all 48 titles for preschool to grade 3 covering topics such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, phonics, math, reading comprehension, and much more!

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