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This commonsense advice book covers a wide range of driving topics, and is aimed at avoiding common mistakes and becoming a safer and more proficient carriage driver. It includes advice on everything from the correct harness fitting and rein handling to taking part in showing classes.
In this modern era of traffic jams, road rage and speed cameras, it's easy to forget the simple pleasure that the gentlemanly pastime of motoring can bring. This handy little guide from the original age of the automobile, reminds us how to achieve maximum enjoyment from the motoring experience. With essential advice for both beginner drivers and confirmed Road Hogs - from choosing your vehicle and learning to drive to the latest dashboard equipment and all you could want to know about oiling, greasing and valve grinding - Pemberton also offers many tips on women drivers, picnicking, the holiday tour and fitting a wireless into your car. A man of strong opinions, he insists you give way to the man driving uphill, for 'if you block his way you may spoil one of the motorist's most pleasant thrills, that is, a good top-gear hill climb'. He also offers wise advice on everything from speed limits: 'From long experience of touring in Britain and abroad I should say that an average speed of 20 miles per hour is a sound allowance' to new technology: 'In wet weather one of the chief annoyances to the driver is an obscured wind-screen. There are highly efficient automatic wind-screen wipers on the market.' Both informative and entertaining, Motor Do's and Dont's is the perfect Christmas gift for the motor enthusiast in your life.
Blak Rhyno Health & Wellness is back with another insightful book. Consider this guide as picking up where your trucking school (informative or not) is leaving off. This published work is powerful, and it isn't just for inexperienced commercial drivers but for all commercial drivers looking to expand on their knowledge in transportation.
Driving While Blind took me nearly 10 years to write, as I am not a writer by profession. I simply feel that the message needs to be available to our young drivers. I started this when two of my daughter's High School classmates were killed in a crash. That incident made me think that we, as adults and parents, need to do a better job of teaching our kids how to drive. Driving While Blind is a quick, easy and informative read that I tried to write with a bit of levity...based on my own personal experiences as a road warrior. I have driven somewhere near, or just over a million miles and I've done that completely crash free! I have also been in the automotive industry for most of my adult life, this has given me the opportunity to be trained by professional SCCA drivers on several occasions. What makes me qualified to write this book? Nothing...and everything. Hopefully, by writing this book, I will ultimately save lives....if I save just one, well then, I have been a complete success! Happy & Safe Motoring!
Through drawings and text, the basic dos and don'ts of safe driving are covered.
Try if you will, to imagine a time when automobiles were virtual bars, DWI roadblocks were in their infancy and MADD's mothers were still in utero. A time when "impaired" drivers were not vilified and hunted down like wild animals, but praised and admired for their deftness, agility, and multitasking ability. Ah my friends, but not so many years ago such an era did exist! Herein lies the tales of the brave young men who took to their vehicles, beer can in hand, fearing nothing but incompetent sober drivers and the occasional moving telephone pole.
Boat racing is fun, and here's a guide that describes ways to improve the driver's safety and increase the enjoyment. Aimed primarily at the novice driver, it may also be considered a refresher for the more experienced driver. A legacy of numerous driver's experinces have been boiled down to simple do's and don'ts. This guide draws attention to the "decision chain," which affects the probability of a racing incident occurring, and emphasizes that attention to these decisions early on tends to minimize the risks later. Fundamental information includes facts about personal equipment, the cockpit environment, defensive driving, the anti-doping policy, and other topics. A concerted, consistent practice of adhering to these suggestions not only lowers the risk of injury but also improves performance.
Covering the essential content and procedures a home care aide needs to know, Mosby’s Textbook for the Home Care Aide, 3rd Edition prepares you for success in this rapidly growing field. A clear approach makes the book easy to use and understand, featuring hundreds of full-color photographs and drawings along with step-by-step procedures for skills performed by home care aides. Updated and expanded in this edition are chapters on meeting the client’s nutritional needs and on getting and keeping a job. Written by home care experts Joan Birchenall and Eileen Streight, this textbook prepares you for the many types of situations you may encounter as a home care aide. Hundreds of full-color photos and drawings depict key ideas and clearly demonstrate procedure steps. Procedures provide step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions on performing important skills and tasks. UNIQUE! A cast of caregivers, including a supervisor and four home care aides, are highlighted in scenarios that provide realistic examples of the types of situations you are likely to encounter in the home care environment. Guidelines for Observing, Recording, and Reporting (ORR) are highlighted throughout the text, emphasizing the home care aide’s responsibilities for observing and documenting the client’s condition and care. Key considerations and reminders are presented in color font to emphasize the importance of performing these actions. Objectives and Key Terms in each chapter focus your attention on essential information. Chapter summaries and study questions review the key points in each chapter. Updated/Expanded Meeting the Client’s Nutritional Needs chapter includes the new MyPlate food guide and new nutrition guidelines. Updated/Expanded Getting a Job and Keeping It chapter reflects the job prospects and challenges of today, including the realities of moving between states and differences in certification requirements. Updated equipment photos are included. Evolve companion website includes skills competency checklists and an audio glossary.
This book supplies a simple, memorable, and effective formula to solve problematic behaviors in the work environment and life in general. An invaluable guidebook, it will help readers move beyond mediocrity and achieve happier, more successful lives. • Presents a simple and practical formula with six key values that drive happiness and success in work-life: (H,S) = f(4C,2R) • Explains why and how to deal with the complex need for self-awareness and self-improvement • Shows readers how to apply the Pareto principle (or the 80-20 Rule) to address the majority of bad work-life behaviors • Provides an in-depth review of each of the six key behaviors and ways to improve • Supplies a self-assessment tool that enables readers to gauge how they measure up on each behavior spectrum
At a time when the earth was desolate and uninhabited, a Golden Dragon descended from the clouds. As he alighted near the seashore, he transformed himself into a handsome young man. He was Lac Long Quan, the ancestor of all the Vietnamese people and father of all the Hung Kings. Thus begins the fable of the Vietnamese people, a fable told down the centuries by grand parents to their grandchildren, and known by every resident of this often misunderstood country of beguiling smiles and fabulous food. This guide is a must-have to help you learn all the Do's and Don'ts of Vietnam, whose history consists of so much conflict, but their present is so delightful to explore. The Chinese tried and failed to make Vietnam their own -- as have the French and the Americans. And today, this hectic, friendly, quick-talking, rice planting jewel of Asia remains proudly independent and amazingly forgiving. With this book in hand, Do remember your curious dinner guests will arrive early and wander through your home to explore more about you. Don't be upset when residents tell you how fat you are while affectionately patting your belly. Do smile and exchange that warm greeting as the Vietnamese are genuinely courteous and polite. To ensure that you, the foreign resident, fleeting visitor or armchair traveler, enjoy your stay in Vietnam, the resident authors of this perfect travel guide present a light hearted but practical guide to the Do's and Don'ts of this very special country. DON'T be surprised if your colleagues sleep at their desks (they've usually just finished moonlighting their night job). DO note that a smile can mean happy, sad or angry. DON'T be offended by personal questions such as "how old are you?" They are asked without malice and are not considered rude. Want to know how to behave with an uncooperative immigration official? Then DO buy this book!
We have all experienced the frustrations of being over-dependent upon technology we don't fully understand. Unexpected crashes wasting hours of concentrated work, inexplicable error codes flashing at you just when you need to print off a document in a hurry, the nagging feeling of impending disaster when you haven't backed up. This book hails an end to that sinking feeling you get whenever you wonder who is in control - you or the computer. From now on you will be a confident, virtual-spanner-wielding technician ready and able to deal with (nearly) anything your digital assistant throws at you. Combining a first aid manual with advice on preventative medicine and detailed instructions on emergency response routines this book will be your indispensable companion.
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The #1 New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author who is a shining example of what overcoming adversity really means now shares the lost chapter of his uplifting journey, which has touched the lives of millions. From A Child Called “It” to The Lost Boy, from A Man Named Dave to Help Yourself, Dave Pelzer’s inspirational books have helped countless others triumph over hardship and misfortune. In The Privilege of Youth, he shares the missing chapter of his life: as a boy on the threshold of adulthood. With sensitivity and insight, he recounts the relentless taunting he endured from bullies; but he also describes the thrill of making his first real friends—some of whom he still shares close relationships with today. He writes about the simple pleasures of exploring his neighborhood, while trying to forget the hell waiting for him at home. From high school to a world beyond the four walls that were his prison for so many years, The Privilege of Youth bravely and compassionately charts this crucial turning point in Dave Pelzer’s life and will inspire a whole new generation of readers.

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