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E-Commerce Management is designed to help the managers of today and tomorrow better direct the E-Commerce process by integrating business models, marketing, and Internet technology. The integration of text and cases helps make this a perfect choice for instructors seeking one primary text for use in both graduate and undergraduate level E-Commerce and E-Marketing courses. Each case study provides readers with an in-depth analysis of well-known companies that have developed into e-successes or e-failures.
Aimed at students, this work covers various aspects of e-business - focusing on sales and marketing, as well as detailing procurement, supply chains, and the legal and security considerations. It contains a range of features to help you learn effectively including margin definitions, international case studies, activities and web links.
Electronic Commerce Management for Business Activities and Global Enterprises: Competitive Advantages is written as an e-commerce textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in various business programs, including information systems, marketing, computer science, and MBA. In addition to serving as a textbook in e-commerce, this book also provides an excellent repository for instructors, researchers, and industry practitioners for their research ideas, theories, and practical experiences. In addition to regular topics traditionally taught in the classroom, this textbook addresses the many new emerging ideas and applications and presents tools and techniques in all aspects of e-commerce development and management in the global economy.
" This bestselling textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of e-business and e-commerce management. It offers an international approach and a good balance between the technical and managerial topics of central importance to developing an understanding of this subject."--Publisher.
In the modern global business environment, e-commerce shakes the foundation of most industries, leads to entirely new kinds of businesses, and directly affects both our careers and the way we live. One of the most significant changes is in the manner companies conduct business, especially in how they manage their resources, connect and communicate with customers, negotiate and outsource from suppliers. The main goal of this book is to explain in a systematic way managerial aspects of e-commerce, and demonstrate its value-added capabilities. This book offers a detailed description and analysis of e-commerce business models including their components, classification, and performance results. The book presents managerial aspects of various up-to-date e-commerce applications including demand- and supply-side e-commerce, collaborative and mobile commerce, electronic payments and services. The book also provides a methodology and practical examples of selecting and implementing e-commerce business models and associated online applications. Finally, the book emphasizes managerial aspects of enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems. After reading this book you will gain knowledge and develop essential skills required in managing e-commerce models and applications. Dr. Zinovy Radovilsky is Professor of Management in the College of Business and Economics at California State University, East Bay. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching operations and supply chain management courses. Dr. Radovilsky has been a business consultant to leading U.S. companies and organizations. Zinovy has done extensive research in the areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce business models and management, quality management, and quantitative business methods. He published a number of papers in international and domestic peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Radovilsky is also a managing editor of two research journals.

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