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Expect the unexpected in Easter Croc, a hilarious seasonal pop-up book that features a cast of funny characters enjoying their eggs from the Easter Bunny, and a grumpy Crocodile who goes in search of one. The Easter Bunny has done her rounds and Crocodile has been missed out again! He asks the other animals, but they aren't going to give him their eggs, so he stomps off to find the Easter Bunny. But where is she? Hiding, of course! Croc is big, and he looks angry. But then Crocodile says something unexpected. Open the door for an egg-tastic surprise that proves nothing impresses the Easter Bunny more than good manners.
"A COLLECTION OF THE FUNNIEST, CRAZIEST, WITTIEST, MOST MEMORABLE FRONT PAGES FROM THE NT NEWS. It isn't called the TOP END for nothing! With witty editing, masterful puns, searing social insight and - when all that fails - the use of the word 'clacker', the NT News has changed the face of the Australian front page. They're tops! While a picture may tell a thousand words, they've proved that the combination of a photo and caption is really what delivers the message. And they don't need a thousand words - most of the time eight or less will do. I WAS MUGGED BY A CROC DOG KILLED BY YOWIE FROG STRUCK BY LIGHTNING WHY I STUCK A CRACKER UP MY CLACKER Now, for the first time ever, the news team who came up with these attention-grabbing gems have ventured into the archives to share some of their favourite front pages with the world. WHAT A CROC! is a collection of the funniest, craziest, wittiest, most memorable front pages from the NT NEWS. Do yourself a favour! 'THERE'S MORE TO US THAN CROC FRONT PAGES AND WITTY HEADLINES. WHEN WE FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY ARE, WE'LL LET YOU KNOW. P.S. WE LOVE SHOUTING. - overheard at the NT News headquarters "
LAT: Christus resurrexit - Romanian: Hristos a înviat din morți (morz?) - in slavic surroundings it may occur, that it is sung the Chruchslavonic/russian text, the Latin, the Greek and the Romanian - further versions: GER - FR - EN - HU - PL - listen to free audio in youtube URL
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Oh dear, the Easter Bunny's in a bit of a muddle. He's been so busy preparing for his party that he's forgotten to deliver eggs to all of his friends! So off he scrambles at top speed. But when Mrs Duck hatches a baby croc and the Turtles become parents to a penguin chick, the Easter Bunny's mix-up soon becomes clear. Will he be able to sort out the muddle? And let's hope it doesn't spoil the party! A fabulously funny rhyming text with adorable illustrations.

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