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Strange and exotic, seductive and threatening, the Orient has always been an enchanted space for the West. But this is a space, theorists argue, that has been 'Orientalized' by the West, constructed upon a system of knowledge and power which defines the West as much as this 'Other'. Within Western cultures, the French encounter with the Orient has been extraordinarily rich and varied, from the experiences of the first pilgrims to the challenges posed for the identity of modern-day France by its ethnic minorities. This collection of interdisciplinary essays explores the range of French and francophone encounters with the East from the medieval period to the present day. The contributions encompass a variety of Orients, both geographical and generic: the Orients of the visual arts, of historicist discourse, of fiction and travel writing. They consider not only those artists we immediately associate with the East, such as Nerval or Fromentin, but also those, like Proust, whose work appears firmly rooted in the West. They also provide new insights into the less familiar works of long-celebrated authors like Flaubert and more recently acclaimed writers such as Bouvier and Djebar.
Travellers' Visions adds another perspective to ongoing debates over colonialism with an examination of the intercultural relations between France, a major colonial empire for nearly three centuries, and Japan, a country that has remained mostly autonomous throughout its existence. In this analytic history of French literary images of Japan, from soon after its reopening to the West to the present day, Kawakami examines the work of many of France's most revered authors including Marcel Proust, Paul Claudel, and Roland Barthes, along with other, lesser-known writers and artists, such as Loti and Farrère, as they embarked on journeys—literary and real—to this "exotic" land. Authors are discussed according to type— journalists, diplomats, or collectors, for example—and the close readings are accompanied by Gérard Macé's beautiful and rarely seen photographs. Travellers' Visions offers new clarity to current intellectual debates and will be a valuable resource to students and scholars of French literature and Asian history alike.
This wide-ranging volume of essays provides an illuminating set of approaches to the multifaceted contexts of Proust's life and work.
Spanning more than 2,500 years in the history of art, this book demonstrates how the rise and diffusion of the science of optics in ancient Greece and the Mediterranean world correlated to pictorial illusion in the development of Western painting from Hel
For centuries the Middle East attracted enterprising traders and adventurous travelers throughout the world to its distant lands. European artists - whether professional painters accompanying an expedition or amateur watercolorists on holiday - responded to these exotic surroundings and changing conditions, preserving the Middle Eastern legacy in works that today offer a glimpse into this now-lost world. Voyages and Visions: Nineteenth-Century European Images of the Middle East from the Victoria and Albert Museum surveys the variety of artists' encounters with these distant lands and exotic cultures through the presentation of eighty-two watercolors and drawings selected from the extensive Seafight Collection in London. Complementing these exciting works oil paper are fascinating essays written by experts in Middle Eastern studies. Their research elucidates the mutual exchange of ideas and influences between East and West, charts the course of European travel throughout the region, and examines the artists and their varied responses to the wonders they encountered.

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