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Create Beautiful Herbal Soaps The Safe, Easy & Fast Way Feel good about pampering yourself with these artisanal soaps featuring natural botanicals, colorants and exfoliants. This comprehensive, beginner-friendly guide to melt-and-pour soapmaking from Jan Berry, author of Simple & Natural Soapmaking, includes 50 inspiring recipes plus design tutorials and a stunning natural colorant gallery. Her method is incredibly easy; all you need to do is melt your soap base, infuse it with healing herbs or flowers, add essential oils and natural colorants, and pour it into a beautiful mold. As soon as your soap is dry, it’s ready to use! This method is a safe soapmaking technique that doesn’t require handling lye. Plus, because it’s so simple, many projects make for excellent family-friendly crafts. Kids will love helping out with simple soaps like Sunflower Sunshine Bars or playing with Aromatherapy Soap Dough. As you work through the projects, Jan leads you through a variety of techniques step by step. From simple herbal infusions in Wildflower Honey Soap to advanced methods of layering and swirling as in the Ocean Waves Soap, there’s always another project to excite beginner and advanced soapmakers alike. Here, you’ll find all the information and inspiration you need to make soaps that are gentle on your skin and fun to make!
DISCOVER THE WONDERS OF GLYCERIN MELT AND POUR SOAP MAKING WITH THIS INCREDIBLE AND EASY GUIDE! Do you want to learn how you can make your very own melt and pour soap? Are you looking for the perfect gift for friends and family? Or are you interested in turning a soap-making hobby into a business? Then keep reading! Match colors to scents, add essential oils, natural additives, herbs, try a simple slab swirl or opt for a tiger stripe-the creative possibilities of glycerin melt and pour soap are endless. Even if you're starting from scratch. If you're wondering where to find everything you need to know, open this book and get ready to fall in love with soap making in its detail! Melt and pour soap is a great option for beginners most especially. All you have to do is melt the premade base, customize it with your favorite colors and scents, and pour into a mold. Once you get the hang of the process, you can experiment with advanced techniques like layers and swirls. Melt and pour soap has already gone through the saponification process. That means you don't have to handle lye, you can focus on the design, and you don't have to cure the soap - it's ready to use as soon as it's cool and hard. The Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base Recipes is the ultimate go-to reference to master the processes, techniques, and recipes to start creating picture-perfect handcrafted melt and pour soaps. With step-by-step instructions and ingredient lists, you'll find lots of inspiration to create your very own recipes to sell to make money, gift, or keep all for yourself. Inside Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base Recipes you'll find: The exact meaning of the melt and pour Soap Glycerin and its Pros and Cons Step by step guide to Soap Making Guide to using Melt and Pour Soap 25+ Melt and Pour soap base recipes And a lot more...! So, don't wait! If you want to learn how to make glycerin melt and pour soaps easily, then this is the book for you! Buy now to begin your soap making journey today!
Just take commercially available glycerine or coconut-oil base, cut it up, and melt it in the microwave. Pour the liquid into moulds to set - and let the real fun begin. This text offers information on different types of aromatics and essential oils.
Create Fabulous Modern Soaps The Truly Natural, Eco-Friendly Way With this new comprehensive guide, herbalist Jan Berry offers everything the modern-day enthusiast needs to make incredible botanical soaps. Beginners can join in the sudsy fun with detailed tutorials and step-by-step photographs for making traditional cold-process soap and the more modern hot-process method with a slow cooker. Jan presents 50 easy, unique soap recipes with ingredients and scents inspired by the herb garden, veggie garden, farm, forest and more. Sample soap recipes you won’t want to miss are Lavender Milk Bath Bars, Sweet Honey & Shea Layers Soap, Creamy Avocado Soap, Citrus Breeze Brine Bars, Mountain Man Beard & Body Bars and Classic Cedarwood & Coconut Milk Shave Soap. Featured resources are Jan’s handy guides to common soapmaking essential oils and their properties, oil and milk infusions with healing herbs and easy decoration techniques. The book also contains Jan’s highly anticipated natural colorants gallery showcasing more than 50 soaps that span the rainbow. Soap crafters of all levels will enjoy referencing this book for years to come. *All recipes are sustainably palm-free!* Expand your herbal product collection with these other books in Jan Berry's bestselling series: - Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps (newly released!) - The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home (coming April 2020, available for pre-order now)
25 Glycerin Diy Melt-And-Pour Soap Recipes A Step By Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Home Made Soap from Natural Ingredients This Book is a Great Guide that will help, direct you in the soap making process in an easy to do step by step way. 25 GLYCERIN DIY MELT-AND-POUR SOAP RECIPES will show you the tried and proven steps involved that you can easily assimilates and adopts in making your own home made natural soaps without stress.GET This BOOK TODAY and Start Enjoying:1. Over 20 Melt and Pour Recipes You can produce and use2. Easy to do step by step instructions, on How to go about the soap making process3. Soaps made from natural ingredients that is easily available and affordable without containing Harsh and Harmful Chemicals4. And So Much More.HURRY NOW AND GRAB YOUR COPY to start producing and enjoying your home made soaps from natural ingredients.
Discover the world of natural soap making! Are you looking for a hobby that's both fun and practical? Do you want to make the ideal gift for friends, relatives, or family members? Then this book is for you! Written with the beginner in mind, this guide uncovers the wonders of soap making with simple explanations and step-by-step instructions. The perfect gift for friends and family, soap making is a fun craft which blends creativity with technical detail - now, you can uncover the wonders of soap making and learn how you can create a wide range of delightful soaps! All of the recipes are designed to be natural, using essential oils, beeswax, and other natural ingredients for the best outcomes. With reference to both hot and cold-process soaps, as well as what you can do to get started (even if you're on a budget), inside this book you'll discover: A History of Soap Making Why Should You Make Soap? How to Save on Soap Making - Tips for Those on a Budget Must-Have Natural Soap Ingredients The Secret to Making Great Homemade Soap Common Misconceptions Debunked Using Hot and Cold Process Techniques Hand-Milled and Melt-and-Pour Recipes And So Much More! No matter your level of experience, it's never been easier to make homemade soap. So don't miss your chance to pick up a hobby that's fun, rewarding, and most of all practical - it's time to discover the world of soap making! So what are you waiting for? Buy now to begin your soap making journey today! FAQ How easy is it to make natural soap? With this guide it can be simple! This book covers all of the fundamental soap making techniques, such as hot and cold process and the melt-and-pour. Is this guide good for beginners? Absolutely! No matter your level of experience, soap making has never been easier! Why should I choose natural soap? Natural soap is a great way of incorporating healing ingredients such as essential oils with your soap, boosting your wellbeing and cleaning more effectively than harmful chemicals.
Melt and pour soap making has been around for years. It gained tremendous popularity with consumers in 1998 when the retail store Bath and Body Works displayed mounds and mounds of beautifully designed melt and pour soaps. Debbie May was one of the early pioneers in the handmade melt and pour soap industry following those retail trends. Back then she had few rules and learned her lessons from suppliers, chemists and through trials with error. This book condenses her over twenty years of knowledge to an easy to follow guide that includes theory, step-by-step instructions and recipes.Debbie May is a master-level, self taught handmade soap and cosmetic artisan. In 1999 she established Crafter's Choice Brands as a way to bring high-quality ingredients to hobbyists and small home-based businesses.
The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for soapmakers and small business owners. Preparing for markets and dealing with the increase in orders can feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the soapmaking community is here to help. We asked how people stayed on track on our Facebook and Instagram pages and got some great tips - thanks to everyone who commented. Find the tips below. Although I do offer a wide variety of colors, scents and styles of soaps for the holidays, I try to stick with just a couple favorite recipes...instead of many different ones. That way, ingredients are always available, recipes are tried, tested and true and labels are universal. There's plenty of time after the holidays to play with new recipes and techniques Christmas is just a few weeks away. Hard to believe, I know! If you're making handmade gifts, melt and pour soap is a great option at this stage in the game. It only takes a few hours to harden, and is ready to use as soon as it's fully cooled. These Christmas Star Melt and Pour Soaps are the perfect way to spread the Christmas cheer. They are also a great project for beginners. Discover "Christmas Soap Recipes" how: - Spiced Cider Soap - DIY Peppermint Soap - Christmas Tree Soap - Winter Woods Soap - Autumn Leaves Soap - Cinnamon Cocoa Melt & Pour Soap - Fresh and Woodsy Winter Forest Soap
DIY Natural Melt and Pour Soap Crafting Ultimate Guide to Making & Selling Colorful Natural Soaps Paraben, Sulfate and Triclosan are some of the ingredients in commercial soap that I never questioned until I began making soap at home. That's when my curiosity got the best of me. After finding just these three, I wanted to call a truce to look for dangerous additives in what I used (and worse yet, my children used) to clean. That's when I thought I found the fourth one. Fragrance! How in the world could something that sounds as harmless as fragrance possibly damage your skin? How wrong I was. The definition of fragrance was a far cry in meaning than the one on the soap label. I began making soap because it was a fun hobby I could share with my children. I continued because it morphed into a successful small business. But I'm now compelled to continue knowing that I'm contributing to the health of my family. Before we get into the actual soap making, I do share my findings about just these four potentially harmful ingredients found in too many soaps and body washes. I am sure you will be shocked to read it. But let's move on and talk about what more is in this book. I wanted to arrange the chapters in a logical order. So you are not confused as I was when I first started. I start off with what and how commercial soap can harm you and your family, I dug deep and found out the truth. Then I explain all three soap making process and why Melt and Pour method is the best and easiest to use. Next, I show you what supplies and equipment you will need and their approximate cost. In the next chapter I guide you through a step by step soap making process (chapter 4). After that we discuss everything under the sun about molds you can use and all of their different variations and types (chapter 5). Chapter 6 is all about adding colors and how to use the color wheel. Next up is essential oils which give your soap its scent and a great natural healing power (Chapter 7). After that it is all about my favorite recipes (chapter 8), next I share 15 soap coloring tricks that may truly surprise you, yes they are that good really! (chapter 9). And lastly, in chapter 10, it is all about how to start, run and grow your soap business right from home. After reading the book, you will become a master on how to make homemade soap using melt pour soap making method. You will also learn about all soap making supplies, my favorite soap making recipes and most importantly you will know the difference between store bought commercial soap vs. all natural and organic soap made right at home. If you have any question, I have added my personal email address at the end of the book so you can contact me.
Do you desire to make a natural soap that will give your family a smooth skin? Perhaps, you want to cut your cost on expensive skincare soaps? Most people are scared because they think that soap making involves dealing with dangerous chemical that will hurt their skin. You do not need to be afraid because this book offer a very safe method to make you cold process and melt & pour soap from your home, like an expert! Isn't that amazing? Natural soap is made with rich, natural fats and oils that are nourishing to the skin, through a very simple, interesting process. So basically, making your own soap is not only cost-effective, but healthy and salutary. In this book you will learn the following: The basic essentials of making soap, including the equipment, tools and chemical compounds you require The different forms of soap making The precautions you need to take while making your cold process and melt & pour natural soap How to create soap using cold process Why it's important to make natural and organic soaps The most important things to consider while choosing your homemade soap recipe The common mistakes in homemade soap making that you can easily avoid How to be creative in your homemade soap making process How to cure and cut your cold process soap ...And much more! This simple beginners' guide to making your own natural soap has your back, adequately armed with all the answers tips and techniques that characterize any master soap-maker. What's more, this book takes an easy to follow structure, and a practical approach that will enable you to put what you learn into action, even if you've never done anything like this before! So...without further ado Click BUY NOW to get started!
Teaches techniques for soapmaking, and offers project instructions for creating soaps embedded with toys, scented soaps, and unusual-looking soaps.
Soap Making is a highly interesting and calming hobby that has become quite popular nowadays. A lot of people have taken up soap-making as a hobby because it allows them to relax and make beautiful soaps that they can gift to their loved ones. In addition, a recent rise in the 'back to nature' phenomenon has made soap making a popular hobby. Soap Making can be quite rewarding if done correctly. It can also help you make inexpensive but highly personalized gifts for people. They will surely remember you whenever they use the soap gifted by you. Soap Making is also great for people who like to be environmentally friendly. While there are many different methods of making soap, most of them do not involve a lot of chemicals that are harmful to nature. For these people, soap making is a boon. Soap Making as a hobby is also good for people who prefer personalized soaps containing ingredients that they find suitable for their skin. For instance, people with sensitive skin generally prefer soaps with a lot of moisture. The recipes given in this book are easy to understand and make, as well. Due to the variety of recipes given in this book, it will serve as a great guide to all kinds of readers, right from amateurs to experts. While making soaps do remember to take the necessary precautions if you are planning to use chemicals always use safety equipment. Safety should always be your number one priority so that you do not end harming yourself or others. Inside you will find: Basic Soap Making Recipes Natural Homemade Soap Recipes Melt and Pour Soap Recipes Soap Recipes for Skin Problems Baby Soap Recipes And many more... All the recipes have been tried and tested and will surely help you make excellent soaps. So why wait anymore! Take out your supplies and get going!
Forget about buying factory-made soap the next time you do your grocery. Using these three books, you should be able to make your own soaps. In fact, once you master the techniques and recipes, you should be able to create your signature soaps. How will your DIY soap smell like? Find out soon!
Make Your Own Easy "Melt and Pour Method" Homemade Organic and Beautiful Glycerin Soap Starting Today Glycerin soaps are of interest to a great many people because they look beautiful, can be created to focus on certain results, and they are healthy-not harsh on your skin. These are important things to consider when you use any soap and many times people are surprised to learn that that healthy, appealing looking soap actually leaves them with dry skin, break-outs, or it really doesn't work. In this book you're going to get all the information you need to know about making your own glycerin soap, including the reasons why you want to consider it, the essentials that you need to get started, techniques for success, and also 26 fantastic recipes for various types of glycerin soaps. These recipes are loved by those who believe in glycerin soaps, and you'll feel that same way. We're sure of it! SCROLL UP AND CLICK 'BUY' TO ORDER YOUR COPY INSTANTLY
Soap making can be an old art with changing history. And it's not all made the same way. While soap making different ingredients, temperature's, and cure times come into play. Environmentally conscious people find soap making to be always a rewarding activity since it enables them to rest easy knowing that their products are all natural, and they created no harmful byproducts in making the soap. Those with sensitive skin can stop searching for specialty products that are often expensive and difficult to find. Many people create a soap to sell at craft fairs and flea markets for extra money. Some people just find soap making to be fun.In This Book, you'll learn, -What is Soap?-Benefits of Soap Making-Soap Making Equipments-Natural Soap Making Oils-Soap Making Herbs-Natural Soapmaking Fragrances-4 Different types of Soap Making-Simple Melt and Pour Soap Recipes-Easy Cold Process Recipes-How to create your soap products more creative?-How to become an expert in soap making?-Safety tips on soap making-How to make money on soap making using different ways?-Troubleshooting on soap making process
Have you always wanted to make homemade soap but didn't know where to begin? This simple, step-by-step book will guide you through the process of making your own beautiful and fragrant soaps at home! You will not need to handle any toxic chemicals so the whole family can join in.What you will learn:* The easy melt and pour method of soap making* What you will need to make soap* How to add color to soap* Adding fragrance and essential oils* Adding embedded objects* How to swirl and layer colors and scents* Tips and troubleshooting for beginner soap makersIncludes 50 beginner soap making recipes! What are you waiting for? Get to making some awesome handmade soap at home today.
Soaps not only gives you the feeling of beauty, but it also enhances your mood with heart touching fragrances. Women are always remain conscious of the products they use and what they contain to beautify them more for longer. This consciousness has turned people into a new hobby, which is soap making at home. This hobby not only provide them a creative satisfaction, but also an aesthetic sensation when they made the soaps themselves being completely aware of what does soap actually contain. There are different types of soaps making processes, which could be easily adopted to make soap at home.
Homemade soaps, scrubs, salves, lotions, and other bath and body products have been popping up all over the places from craft fairs to Etsy and it's no surprise why. Soap making is a fun and creative hobby that you can do right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Want to learn how? Look no further. The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making is an A-Z primer on all things soap making. Written by soap making expert David Fisher, this easy-to-use book will guide you through everything you need to know from necessary ingredients, tools, and safety requirements to soap making methods, including: melt and pour, hand milling, cold process, and hot process. You'll be a pro in no time! Each of the chapters focuses on a specific method, demonstrating basic process, decorative techniques, recipes, and related products such as scrubs, bath bombs, and liquid soaps. You'll also find a section on how to formulate original recipes, plus guidance on storage and ideas for packaging to impress your friends, family, and maybe even customers! So grab your creativity and some great ingredients and let's get started.
Go Green in Every Part of Your Life with This Huge Collection of Easy, All-Natural Products Kick toxic, synthetic skin care products and cleaners out the door and bring the healing joy of nature into your life with these simple, customizable projects. In this new and expanded edition of 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home, Jan Berry adds 50 brand new recipes for a total of 151 in all, making this beloved book a complete and versatile resource. You’ll learn how to make your own skin care and hair care products, health remedies and household cleaners, such as: • Honey, Rose & Oat Face Cleanser • Triple Sunshine Body Butter • Sleepy Time Bath Bombs • Wildflower Shower Scrub Bars • Lip Gloss Pots • Cucumber Mint Soap • Lemon Balm & Ginger Sore Throat Drops • Lemon & Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaning Spray • Lavender Laundry Detergent • And so much more! All of the projects are easy to make and use commonly found herbs, flowers, oils and other natural ingredients. No fancy equipment or previous experience required! The new edition is packed with even more basic formulas, so you can make your own one-of-a-kind creations. Going green has never been easier or more affordable. With this book, you can use local, natural ingredients to make something beautiful, effective and good for you and your family.
All-Natural Soap, All You Need to Know. Melt oils. Match colors to fragrances, Add exfoliants, essential oils, or whatever else you want to throw into the mix. Try a simple slab swirl or opt for a tiger stripe--the creative possibilities of homemade soaps are endless. If you're wondering where to find everything you need to know, open this book and get ready to fall in love with soap making. The Complete Guide to Natural Soap Making is the ultimate DIY reference to master the processes, techniques, and recipes to start creating picture-perfect handcrafted soaps. With step-by-step tutorials and 65 completely all-natural recipes, you'll find lots of inspiration to create your very own recipes to sell, gift, or keep all for yourself. Inside The Complete Guide to Natural Soap Making you'll find: Soap Making 101--Get prepped to make your very own soap with essential equipment and ingredients. Easy-to-Follow Tutorials--Learn insider design tricks and classic soap making techniques like cold-process, hot-process, melt-and-pour, and hand-milled. 65 Natural Recipes--Choose from fragrant and colorful recipes like Lavender Mint Soap, Coffee Scrub Soap, Citrus Zest Kitchen Soap, Shea Butter & Geranium Soap, and much more. Discover the pleasures of soap making with this beginner-friendly guide to create your very own suds!

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