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A literary cookbook that celebrates food and poetry, two of life's essential ingredients. In the same way that salt seasons ingredients to bring out their flavors, poetry seasons our lives; when celebrated together, our everyday moments and meals are richer and more meaningful. The twenty-five inspiring poems in this book—from such poets as Marge Piercy, Louise Glück, Mark Strand, Mary Oliver, Billy Collins, Jane Hirshfield—are accompanied by seventy-five recipes that bring the richness of words to life in our kitchen, on our plate, and through our palate. Eat This Poem opens us up to fresh ways of accessing poetry and lends new meaning to the foods we cook.
This collection combines some of Eugene Peterson's landmark Spiritual Theology series: CHRIST PLAYS IN TEN THOUSAND PLACES, EAT THIS BOOK and PRACTISE RESURRECTION. Eugene Peterson's Spiritual Theology series provides a completely fresh evaluation of Christian Spirituality, past, present and future. The best-selling author of THE MESSAGE draws on the very latest scholarship and understanding of biblical revelation, and will represent the most thorough and significant work on contemporary Christian Spirituality by an evangelical author. Most writings in the field of spiritual theology represent mere dabblings. The more significant endeavours are impenetrably academic. Petrson's masterwork, which has been years in the making, is designed for those who are comfortable with being stretched, as well as pastors, academics and lay leaders. For both academic and serious lay audiences; foundational reading for the twenty-first century church.
Seventy lighthearted, much-loved poems cover everything from books and imagination to friendship and the beauty of the natural world. Includes such notable poets as Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash, and Marianne Moore.
This companion covers Charles Wright's first two trilogies, Country Music (1982) and The World of the Ten Thousand Things (1990), providing biographical details, information on Wright's sources and influences, and historical notes. It pays special attention to the way that Wright's poems work together and the links that are formed between them. While each poem is given its own commentary, the author argues that they work together in a concentrated whole to document a man's spiritual journey.
Critically examines literary theories, poets, works, and the development of such modern poetic movements and schools as Projectivism, the New York Poets, Confessionalism, Deep Imagism, and the New Black Aesthetic. Bibliogs
Includes works by Kathleen Pierce, Paul Zimmer, Maggie Anderson, Julia Kasdorf, and Leslie Ullman
A Study Guide for Anne Sexton's "Oysters," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Poetry for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Poetry for Students for all of your research needs.
This book resolves around the fundamental question, “What is Hong Kong modernism?” To address this issue, C.T. Au identifies three significant characteristics: a renewal of traditions, an obsession with ordinary things, and an expression of concerns about social and political issues, shared among Western modernisms, Chinese modernism in the 1940s, and such Hong Kong modernists as Ma Lang, Liu Yichang, and Leung Ping-kwan (Yasi/Ye Si). This research concentrates on an examination of the major modernist tenets embodied in Leung’s literary works. Leung Ping-kwan is one of the most prominent and widely read Hong Kong modernist writers; however, there exist only a few scholarly works which focus on the direct relationship between Leung’s works and modernisms. The author argues that Leung paid special attention to issues regarding tradition, daily life, and colonial culture in order to understand his past, his identity, and the unique features of Hong Kong modernism, which celebrate multiple perspectives and inclusiveness. This study not only helps differentiate Hong Kong modernism from other modernisms—positioning the former as a variant of the latter—but also provides a response to the problems evoked by Hong Kong’s colonial milieu.
"A collection of original, school-themed poetry for children accompanied by striking photos. The book demonstrates a variety of common poetic forms and defines poetic devices"--Provided by publisher.
Unavailable since it blasted out of stock in its first printing, this is a disturbing and evocative collection of new work and selected poems from alt-rock diva and queen poetess Nicole Blackman. Her brutal accounts of obsession and beauty have made her a favourite contributor to the New York Times and the Village Voice as well as five major anthologies, including 'Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe', 'Verses that Hurt' and 'Poetry Nation'. She performs regularly on the underground scene with such other prominent figures as Lydia Lunch and Karen Finley.
A guide for the next generation of writers—self-care rituals, creativity-generating rhythms, and personalized strategies for embracing a creative life. Wild Words is an invitation to explore the intersection of your writing practice with everything else in your busy life. Through personal stories and practical lessons you’ll learn how to enter a new relationship with your creativity, one that honors where you’ve been, where you’re headed, and where you are today. Discover methods to support a sustainable writing practice, clarifying and nourishing routines, an understanding of your own creative history, and guidance on how to make small but powerful mind-set shifts (such as how to see a career as a partner rather than an obstacle). Above all, Wild Words encourages you to approach creativity through a seasonal lens and helps you untangle the messy process of embracing your circumstances, trusting your voice, and making time to put pen to paper, season after season.
The "Theology in Dialogue" Series explores the relationship between theology and different, secular academic disciplines which appear within the degree programs of colleges and universities. Each volume begins with a chapter and a reply, providing a thoughtful justification for the interaction of theology and the particular subject. This is followed by a theoretical analysis of this interaction, and a range of case studies illustrating the situation in the classroom. "English Literature, Theology and the Curriculum" explores the nature and authority of religious writings and their influence on secular literature. What makes it distinctive is the manner in which it investigates the textual dynamic between the two disciplines by combining both theory and case study in a single collection of writings. It discusses interdisciplinary dialogue, offers case studies on literature and theology from Anglo-Saxon verse to the twentieth-century novel, and looks at curriculum considerations. The eminence and breadth of the contributors is outstanding. Praise for English Literature, Theology and the Curriculum: "[A] superbly rich valuable to those involved in literary studies as to theologians. It breathes life and real engagement." --Times Educational Supplement "Fascinating and scholarly collection...This is an excellent book. Though some of the chapters are better than others, none is a dud. Its contributors and editor are to be congratulated." --Journal of Beliefs and Values "These substantial essays deserve more extensive comment than a brief review permits...Liam Gearon's chapter prompted this reviewer to embark on a reading of [Brian] Moore's work - a rewarding undertaking for which his chapter proved an invaluable guide." --International Journal of Children's Spirituality "Perhaps what is most noteworthy about Liam Gearon's edited volume is that it combines theory with practical applications and concludes with reflections on the implications for teaching....ample food for thought for instructors designing courses in literature, theology, or interdisciplinary subjects." --Teaching Theology
"Edible Poetry" came about through Marlene's love for cooking. Her cooking skills, she thought, could be incorporated into her poems. So, Edible Poetry was made. Marlene started writing them years ago as she cooked. Other Poets asked her for the recipe, and she wrote them into a poem. Many of them have been cooked by others, and liked. Very humored at times. Can you turn a poem into a meal? -while dancing the twist or salsa? If it doesn´t turn out, author can not be accounted for. There are some recipes you will never find in history or anywhere. Marlene made most of these up out of her head. There might be million different ways to make chili, but it isn´t hers. She has made chili since she has been twelve. She made it up. marsbar007 There is a cure for asthma, and Marlene gives the cure in Edible Poetry. it cures the flu also, and stops it when you know it is coming. The cure stops coughs, and sore throats, and can cure inside cancer. It is a proven fact. Many recipe books have far to much talk, and not enough recipes. Many have more pictures then recipes. Some of these are prized secret recipes, and authors mother would not tell. Marlene misspelled the word read in the dedication to rid on purpose. It bothers the poets when she says read is the present not the past. Find out what a yellow plastic lemon can do for you. It can stop a soar throat, asthma, and a cough. Find out how to do it, and more. Here are the recipes you will find in "Edible Poetry" Candy Flan, Meatballs, Sweet and Sour Sauce, White Wine Seafood Sauce, Meat Rolls, Toffee Recipe, Italian Beef, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dinner for Santa, Sweet & Sour Chili, Yorkshire Pudding Dream, Scalloped Potatoes Galore, Piggy´s in a Blanket, French Toast and a Laugh, Marshmallow Squares, Meat Loaf Delight, Egg in the Hole, Marinated Mushrooms, Honey Mustard Sauce, Little Mac Sauce Clone, Barbecue Sauce, Marlena Burger, Candied Yams, Chocolate No Bakes, Santa´s Fudge, Marshmallow Carmel Yams, Turkey, Chop Suey, Meatloaf, Old German Stuffing, Potato Salad, Surprise Potatoes, Scrambled potatoes, La Crème Cake, Icing, Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Icing, Potluck Dinner Amour Bon Appetite and enjoy! See, also, Marlene´s other book Devil´s Conversation. It consists of thirty-two horror short stories. See Devil´s Conversation Blog about Edible Poetry
Poems offer a humorous look at American culture, childhood memories, modern life, the natural world, and the meaning of poetry

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