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Following the same format as the highly praised 2000-2004 edition, Recommended Books in Spanish for Children and Young Adults, 2004-2008 is an outstanding reference tool that includes annotated entries for more than 1,200 books in Spanish published between 2004 and 2008 in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina. Each entry includes an extensive critical annotation, title in Spanish as well as English, tentative grade level, and approximate price. The books have been selected because of their quality of art and writing, presentation of material and appeal to the intended audience, and support the informational, educational, recreational and personal needs of Spanish speakers from preschool through the twelfth grade. Whether used for the development and support of an existing library collection or for the creation of a new library serving Spanish-speaking young readers, the books in this volume are of value to Spanish-speaking children and young adults (or those who wish to learn Spanish). This volume is arranged in four sections: Reference, Nonfiction (Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Social Science, Folklore, Language, Science, Technology, Health and Medicine, The Arts, Recreation and Sports, Literature, Poetry, Geography, History, and Biography), Publishers' Series, and Fiction (Easy Books, General Fiction and Graphic Novels). This volume also includes an appendix of merchants who sell books in Spanish, as well as author, title, and subject indexes.
Examines Spanish literature through Pirandellian eyes.
Esta publicación recoge las ponencias plenarias y las comunicaciones presentadas y leídas en el VII Simposio Internacional de la SEDLL, que con el título Canon, literatura infantil y juvenil y otras literaturas, fue asumido por la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha y se celebró en Ciudad Real, en diciembre de 2001. Aparecen aquí recogidas también las actividades relacionadas con los estudios mencionadas arriba: talleres y seminarios que suscitaron provechosas discusiones, sugerencias y debates. Como dice Alfredo Rodríguez López-Vázquez en la Presentación: La celebración del VII Simposio con su doble concreción en el título, del objeto de estudio, y de su relación con el canon, ha venido a representar un hito importante. Este Simposio pretendía, ya desde su diseño por parte del Comité Científico, un nuevo planteamiento de orientaciones críticas y metodológicas en el ámbito de la educación y de la investigación en torno a la literatura que leen los niños y los jóvenes de hoy en día en el contexto de la sociedad tecnológica moderna. Creemos que esta publicación permite afirmar que se ha cumplido con los objetivos previstos para cada una de las áreas temáticas.
From vulgar insults to religious oaths, colloquialisms to clichés, the personality and passion of a language can be found in its slang. Spanish is no exception, as the McGraw-Hill Diccionario del Argot makes clear. This monolingual Spanish dictionary provides the most authoritative reference to all aspects of non-standard Spanish, with more than 12,000 entries supported by 20,000 citations. The broad range of sources, from literature to newspapers and TV, reflects the full spectrum of contemporary usage in Spain. For scope and depth as well as bibliographic reference, this is an essential language tool for libraries, advanced-level students, teachers, scholars, and lexicographers.
Gender and women's studies have formed part of the academic landscape for many years, but while the field is now established enough to have developed in depth and perspectives, there remain many areas of significance yet to be explored-most significantly, much of the work carried out has remained rooted in the Anglo-American context. Those working outside this context are increasingly aware of the need to understand women in different cultural contexts in order to determine whether, to what extent and how representations of women and cultural contexts are interactive and dynamic concepts. The current volume contributes to the growing interest in the field of women and culture in the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds and shows how women writers, researchers, teachers and students have always made waves to counteract the complacency, prejudice and tradition that threatens to ignore or subsume them. The volume draws on literary study-the starting point for much of the early work on gender in Spain, the Lusophone world and Latin America-but also goes beyond it, to discuss women's interaction not only with literature but also with art, and language itself, in the Hispanic and Lusophone contexts. It acts as a showcase for contemporary scholarship undertaken in Hispanic and Lusophone gender studies, developing earlier insights and forging new ones, to refine the debate continuing in the subject. The contributors include both established scholars with a proven track record and promising newcomers to the field. The volume arises from the individual research projects and sustained discussions of Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WiSPs), an organisation that exists to promote scholarship by and about women in the field of Iberian, Lusophone and Latin American Studies. This volume celebrates the first seven years of WiSPs's life and presents some of the research presented under its auspices at annual conferences and study days.
Includes section "Bibliografía de historia de América."
Providing the richest coverage of Spanish from around the world, this dictionary was compiled by an expert team of Spanish and English lexicographers working in their own language. The Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the result of over ten year's research, and covers over 24 varieties of Spanishas it is written and spoken throughout the Spanish speaking world. New to this edition is a guide to life and culture in the Spanish- and English- speaking worlds. This guide covers a wide range of topics: from the political and educational systems, to key events in the calendar and how they arecelebrated. It is an ideal reference for Univerisity students, as well as translators and language professionals. This title replaces ISBN: 0-19-860069-0 (plain) and ISBN: 0-19-860070-4 (thumb index).

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