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The Emerald Tablet--an ancient document that contains the essence of the alchemical teachings--has had an important influence on many Western spiritual and religious traditions. Ostensibly concerned with turning base metals into gold, alchemy was in fact dedicated to transforming the lead of self into the gold of spirit. This brilliant history of alchemy traces its sources back to ancient Egypt, and presents alchemy as a useful, practical system of self-transformation. Each of the seven steps of alchemical transformation is explained, with hands-on techniques and exercises, treating alchemy as a living discipline for achieving a spiritual awakening.
The Spiritual, Occult and Historical significance of the "Emerald Tablets" is almost beyond belief of modern man. Written around 36,000 B.C. by Thoth, an Atlantean priest-king, this manuscript dates far back beyond reach of any Egyptian writings ever found. The author, Thoth, a Master-Teacher of the early Egyptians, put this treatise to writing in his native Atlantean language and Dr. Doreal, by use of his expertise as an Occultist and Master of time and space, was given the directive to retrieve these Tablets and translate them into English for the edification of modern man. The powerful and rhythmic verse of Thoth is wonderfully retained in Doreal's translation. Contained within the pages of Thoth's masterpiece of Spiritual and Occult Wisdom is the synthesis of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, the guideline for initiates of all ages, revealing the Knowledge and Wisdom hitherto held secret, but now in this New Age, revealed to all Seekers on the Path of Light. Dr. M. Doreal, Ms.D., Psy.D., is the Spiritual; Teacher of a multitude of Seekers of Light, having founded a Metaphysical Church and College - The Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. He is the author of all of the Organization's writings and teachings, having been given permission for the Esoteric Wisdom to be remitted in a public forum by the Great White Lodge, the Elder Brothers of mankind who shape and form the Spiritual evolution of earth's inhabitants. The Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. is a correspondence school, accredited through the State of Colorado, and mails out to its world-wide membership weekly Lessons of Truth. Its four and one-half year College Course unveils the secrets of the Symbolism of all Mystery Schools, giving precisely and beautifully, the step by step progression all Seekers have searched for in their quest for Oneness with God, and for attainment of Cosmic Consciousness. "Read, Believe or not, but read, and the vibration found therein will awaken a response in your soul.' - Doreal
The Emerald Tablet is a cryptic piece of the Hermetica reputed to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation. It was highly regarded by medieval alchemists as the foundation of their art and its Hermetic tradition. The original source of the Emerald Tablet is unknown. Although Hermes Trismegistus is the author named in the text, the text was first translated into Latin in the twelfth century. Numerous translations, interpretations and commentaries followed.
"This book provides information about the spiritual life in Atlantis. It includes...excerpts from conversations with the former Atlanteans, who worked and developed during their incarnations on that continent....intended primarily for those who seek the way to achieving the spiritual Perfection"--verso of title page.
Reality disintegrates when the emerald tablet is stolen from the tomb of Thoth. Seven teenagers - with untapped spiritual gifts - must unite to return the Tablet before the universe implodes.Episode 1 The Emerald Tablet - Shadows of DoubtWhat if you had untapped supernatural abilities that were needed to save the world from imploding? What if could manipulate time and space and open doorways into a parallel universe? Or move things with your mind? Sophia only has to close her eyes to exit her body. Jade, intellectually gifted, understands the dynamics of quantum physics, and is an endless wealth of information, but lacks confidence and wants to be like everyone else. Casey, Kevin, Sophia, Jade, Tim, and Shaun are struggling teenagers with unfolding gifts.7year old Shaun O'Grady was on an archaeological dig with his father in the Middle East when a priceless artifact, The Emerald Tablet, is unearthed. Shaun's father sees it as an opportunity to pay for experimental treatment for his dying wife and steals the object from the tomb of Thoth. Micro-shape shifting beasts swarm from the tomb. During the next ten years, the tiny beasts infiltrate the human race as a virus and feeds on rage, pride, doubt; the ever-growing negative thoughts of mankind. It spreads across the world, taking control of the consciousness of individuals and their souls; inciting violence.Shaun, traumatized by his childhood experience, is angry. He has forgotten what happened in Israel, and the reason why he is so angry. In this, page-turning first episode, you will meet Shaun, Rachel, Casey, Sophia, Kevin, Jade, and Tim, as the universe pushes them to understand who they are, and what they must do to return the Emerald Tablet and save humanity.Click the link and buy book one, in the Emerald Tablet serial - Shadows of Doubt, and start reading today. Visit for the next book in the Series and the Omnibus Edition.

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