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The original EMS field guide has grown into the most used reference guide in EMS history. This is the guide that EMS Magazine calls "The original and still the best." The Twentieth Edition of the EMS Field Guide, ALS Version makes it easy for paramedics, nurses and physicians to look up their patients' medications, check drug doses, quickly interpret 12-Lead ECGs and much more! Like all of our field guides, this is the resource you'll use in class and take with you throughout your career in the field. All Informed professional field guides are 3x5, fit easily in your pocket, have color-coded tabs, and are waterproof, alcohol-fast and durable.
Designed for both beginning and experienced EMTs, the EMS Field Guide, BLS Version is the ideal quick reference. Now in its Ninth Edition, this field guide has been an essential resource for EMS professionals for over a decade. Whether you're a student, or a 20-year veteran of emergency medical services, this guide gives you quick access to vital information needed to perform your job. This newly updated edition includes: EMT field determination of death checklist CDC criteria for field evaluation of school aged athletes with head injuries Capnography waveform interpretation for BLA/AEMT providers Comprehensive ACLS algorithms for EMT/AEMT including asthma, traumatic and hypothermic arrest, and post-arrest resuscitation and care Pain assessment charts Updated infectious disease to include high risk biological response including Ebola and MERS Revised American Burn Association (ABA) burn resuscitation guidelines Plus, this field guide includes all other charts and references that EMTs and AEMTs need ready access to in the field: APGAR, pediatric vital signs, stroke scales, GCS (infant, child, and adult), pupil chart, CDC Trauma Triage, O2 tank capacities, prescription drugs, abbreviations, spell checker, phone numbers, Spanish translations, and metric conversions. The EMS Field Guide, BLS Version is the only field guide that addresses the needs of both EMTs and AEMTs under the new EMS Scope of Practice model. Just as with all Informed Publishing print products, this field guide is 3x5, fit easily in your pocket, have color-coded tabs, and are durable. The EMS Field Guide, BLS Version is the resource you'll use in class, and take with you throughout your career.
Medical reference guide for paramedics/EMT's. Includes 1700 Rx drugs, ACLS algorithms, airway mgmt, burn charts, Glasgow coma scale, infectious diseases, pediatrics, respiratory distress, poisons, stroke, trauma, triage, 12-lead ekg, overdose, spanish, etc.
The EMS Translator Field Guide, Spanish Edition allows the provider to simply point to Spanish questions and explanations, rather than requiring him or her to learn the language or pronounce the words phonetically. When the provider needs to obtain more information from the patient about his or her medical condition, the provider selects a question they wish to ask from a list of queries written in English and then simply points to the corresponding question in Spanish. The Spanish-speaking patient then needs only to answer "yes" or "no" to the questions posed to him or her. The English and Spanish translation are laid out side-by-side, allowing the English-speaking provider to quickly find and point to the Spanish version. Moreover, the Field Guide's topics are arranged alphabetically by medical condition, ensuring that the EMT can quickly and effectively communicate with his or her patient.
This book is a fast, accurate, precise, & comprehensive guide for Respiratory Care Professionals. Great for fast facts & exam review. Contains all the clinically relevant & vital information found in much larger RT books. This is the ultimate STAT reference manual for the desk or locker of RRT's & CRT's.
The field of cardiopulmonary medicine (heart and lungs) becomes more complex with every pandemic, each new disease (like Swine Flu, H1N1) and each medical breakthrough. Understanding the scope of your care and available treatment options has become staggering. With the imminent changes to our healthcare system, it is paramount that patients today become informed medical consumers. You, your family and loved ones will have limited financial/reimbursement resources to spend on medical care each year. Between advancements in medicine and the lack of control in medical malpractice law suits your healthcare provider is forced to practice defensive medicine. This practice has made medical care tremendously expensive. You and your loved ones must become informed medical consumers in order to spend your medical funds wisely. This book is your vital source of trusted information, conveniently presented in words that you and your loved ones can understand in order to make informed medical decisions.

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