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Enough is an ancient 'master concept', which today finds renewed expression in a variety of proposals for a transition to a better world. Each one of us has an innate sense of enough; everybody can play a part in the movement of enough and at the same time improve daily well being. The book is a unique blend of ideas, practice and resources, integrating philosophy, morality, ecology, spirituality, self-help, citizenship, leadership, economics and politics.
An emigrant to England in the 1970s, Felicity Hayes-McCoy knew she’d return to Corca Dhuibhne, Ireland’s Dingle peninsula, a place she had fallen in love with at seventeen. Now she and her husband have restored a stone house there, the focus for this chronicle in response to reader requests for an illustrated sequel to her memoir, The House on an Irish Hillside. Enough Is Plenty celebrates the seasonal rhythms in and around the author’s house and garden at the western end of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. It is about ordinary small pleasures, such as the smell of freshly baked soda bread, that can easily go unnoticed, and offers recipes from Felicity’s kitchen and information on organic food production and gardening. It views the year from a place where a vibrant 21st-century lifestyle is still marked by Ireland’s Celtic past and the ancient rhythms of Samhain (winter), Imbolc (spring), Bealtaine (summer) and Lughnasa (autumn). In this way of life, health and happiness are rooted in awareness of nature and the environment, and nourishment comes from music, friendship and storytelling as well as from good food. * Foreword by Alice Taylor * Also by this author: A Woven Silence
Just like others in our Sourcebook series, this book includes excerpts from scripture and the liturgy, as well as from prose and poetry both ancient and modern. It helps us prepare for, ponder, and celebrate Sunday. Beginning with the origins of our Sunday observance and lingering over the wisdom of Jewish Shabbot practices, the book moves from Friday through Monday, evoking the many customs and activities that have marked our keeping of the Lord's Day and enabling theological reflection. This book offers materials for liturgists and catechists, for those who plan retreats, and for everyone desiring a richer experience of our weekly Easter. Through these eloquent texts we can come to see the veneration of Sabbath and Sunday -- not as another obligation but as a means to our refreshment, growth, and intimacy with God.
Keys to Remembering is an energy game played with words. The energy of the words conveys clearly how each word is defined. The words are keys to a conscious awareness of who you truly are. HANDBOOK The handbook Keys to Remembering is a teaching text designed to expand your understanding and to give more comprehensive ideas of the world. The work was designed in mind for those who are rather new to metaphysic, however, all can benefit from the game. This handbook will serve as a tool to: 1) Give you a clearer understanding on your ability to create your life through your own words. 2) Gain a new perspective of blending thought and feeling or emotion to consider the meaning of words in a new way. 3) Assist with finding the balance between the polarized feeling of words, thus allowing newer levels of awareness as integration, or bringing together, takes place. 4) Examine the four aspects of human nature: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and to bring about the understanding that all are a collective of all four components - We are one. INTEGRATION CARDS The Integration Cards that come with this handbook can be obtained online at http: // Though people look different, when it comes to the foundational issues of life, each of us is looking for answers to many of the same question. "Who am I?" How do I find love?" "How do I become acceptable?" The key to the lock is first allowing that we are all one, which is the integration. The object of the cards is to discover how you feel about the positive and negative aspects of each word, which you will find in the handbook. How you feel about the word can be as informative as how the integration deck is played.
The author of the Chance Purdue series introduces a Chicago detective who goes under the big top to take down the ringmaster of a Russian conspiracy. When the CIA chooses Birch Kirby, a mediocre detective with a personal life even less thrilling than his professional one, no one is more surprised by the selection than Birch himself. But the Agency needs someone for a secret mission, and Birch may be just the clown for the job. Going undercover as a circus performer, he travels to Grizzly Gulch to investigate the source of daily, un-decodeable secret messages that are being transmitted to the KGB. Birch interacts with wildly colorful characters while stumbling through performances as well as his assignment. With the clock ticking, Birch must hurry to take a right step toward bringing the curtain down on this very important case. Praise for Ross H. Spencer’s The Dada Caper “Parodies of the private‐eye novel come and go. Here is The Dada Caper by Ross H. Spencer. It has every cliché down pat, including rat-tat-tat writing in which paragraphs are seldom more than one sentence. . . . The hero is a private eye who is always tailing the wrong people and hitting the wrong guys. The Dada Caper is wild, shrewd, mad and unexpectedly funny.” —The New York Times
Pluralistic perspectives on the Festival of lights and profiles in modern Jewish courage.

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