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"Enzo Ferrari's Secret War" is a true account of Ferrari's personal double-game, keeping the Nazis guessing during World War Two, and his undercover secret missions at that time. The book is about history, mystery, at least two brutal murders, a wartime romance and the desirable high-performance automobiles from Italy. The link is Enzo Ferrari's determination and skills, his tenacity and his high risk role-playing under pressure. Ferrari's dangerous secret role was a gamble which enabled his company to grow and, after the war ended, make global automotive and motorsport history. This book will change perceptions of the Ferrari story as the car company's growth over more than half a century is linked to five turbulent years of war and Enzo Ferrari's secret life. Also revealed is the involvement of New Zealand soldiers fighting in Italy, their role in the Ferrari story, and Enzo Ferrari's impact on New Zealand motorsport after the war.
For tens of millions of people around the world, a single name evokes the world of speed - Enzo Ferrari. Today's Formula One would be unthinkable without the presence of the Ferrari cars on the grid. Win or lose, Ferrari attract more fans than all the other teams combined. And the cars unique appeal - their mystique, their myth - has its origins in the story of one man with a dictator's will and the cunning of a Machiavelli. Going back to the origins of "The Old Man", tracing his remarkable rise to prominence, and using sources which have hitherto remained silent, Richard Williams tells the story of a man who was one of the key figures of sport in the twentieth century, and whose influence over his sport is undiminished today, more than a decade after his death.
The life of Enzo Ferrari, who made fast, red sports cars known for their precision and who ran a motor-sports empire that dominated automotive industry
This book aims to bring together the reflections of specialists from the fields of arts, aplied sciences, and work of a Scientific Committee. It sets out to provide an initial, working answer to these questions. An underlying idea emerges that was perhaps not formulated when set out on the project - that Italy's consumer-oriented production can be defined as inspired by a model - wheter conscious or not - of blending features that are strangely opposite but not contradictory. The texts will not try to give final solutions nor attempt to maintain that in everything Italy is characterised as industrially humanistic.
'I'm no angel.' Bernie Ecclestone Born into poverty, Bernie Ecclestone has made himself a billionaire by developing the world's second most popular sport - Formula One racing. Private, mysterious and some say sinister, the eighty-year-old criss-crosses the globe in his private jet, mixing with celebrities, statesmen and sporting heroes. His success is not just in creating a multibillion-pound global business but in resisting repeated attempts to snatch the glittering prize from his control. Ecclestone has never before revealed how he graduated from selling second-hand cars in London's notorious Warren Street to become the major player he is today. He has finally decided to reveal his secrets: the deals, the marriages, the disasters and the successes in Formula One racing, in Downing Street, in casinos, on yachts and in the air. Surprisingly, he has granted access to his inner circle to Tom Bower, described by Ecclestone as 'The Undertaker' - the man who buries reputations - and has given him access to all his friends and enemies. All have been told by Ecclestone, 'Tell him the truth, good or bad.' No Angel is a classic rags-to-riches story, the unique portrayal of a unique man and an intriguing insight into Formula One racing, business and the human spirit. Tom Bower is the author of nineteen books, including biographies of Robert Maxwell, Mohamed Fayed, Gordon Brown, Richard Branson, Conrad Black and more recently, Simon Cowell.
Few brands conjure up the same status as Ferrari. Finely engineered for both beauty and performance, these evocative automobiles are true works of art a designed for the discerning, and priced for the privileged. This book of fine photography showcases the work of GA1/4nther Raupp, long linked to the prestigious marque. Mr. Raupp has photographed the Ferrari calendar for 25 years now. He lovingly handpicks his greatest work over the decades for this exciting showcase of legendary vehicles. Punchy, informative text leads us into thrilling shots that highlight the dynamism and fine detailing of each unique model.
Profiles key individuals throughout the world during the twentieth century who have contributed positively to their communities
Now fully revised and updated, The Piranha Club is the first serious study of Formula One's most fascinating and influential figures - the men who wield the real power. Author Timothy Collings has written a riveting analysis of the Formula One paddock, explaining how it works, who runs it, how it makes money and what sort of people exist there.
Speed the memories of motor sports to life. John Gunnell brings stock, open wheel, sports car, drag and dirt track racing together for you in one book.

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