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It was supposed to be impossible to escape. So, how did 3 men escape from Alcatraz and disappear? Did they survive the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay? If so, where did they go?
In 1963, just weeks before the original publication of this book, the last prisoner was escorted off Devil’s Island and Alcatraz ceased to be a prison. Author J. Campbell Bruce chronicles in spellbinding detail the Rock’s transition from a Spanish fort to the maximum-security penitentiary that housed such infamous inmates as Robert Stroud, aka the Birdman of Alcatraz, and mobster Al “Scarface” Capone. The chapters describing the daring escape attempts by Frank Morris and two accomplices from this “inescapable” prison became the basis for the 1979 Clint Eastwood movie. Discover the intriguing and absorbing saga of Alcatraz, whose name is still synonymous with punitive isolation and deprivation, where America’s most violent and notorious prisoners resided in tortuous proximity to one of the world’s favorite cities. The true-crime classic first published in 1963 is reissued in this special edition. Includes archival photos of the prison and prison life. This story will appeal to Bay Area locals and tourists alike. Alcatraz hosts more than a million visitors each year.
Investigates the 1962 escape of three prisoners from Alcatraz, paying special attention to the role played by prisoner Allen West, and speculates about whether the men survived their escape attempt.
So much to read, so little time? This brief overview of Escape from Alcatraz tells you what you need to know—before or after you read J. Campbell Bruce’s book. Crafted and edited with care, Worth Books set the standard for quality and give you the tools you need to be a well-informed reader. This short summary and analysis of Escape from Alcatraz by J. Campbell Bruce includes: Historical context Chapter-by-chapter summaries Important quotes Fascinating trivia Glossary of terms Supporting material to enhance your understanding of the original work About Escape from Alcatraz by J. Campbell Bruce: A true crime classic, Escape from Alcatraz recounts the history of the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island and the many men who risked their lives trying to escape it. Bruce’s book brings to life the grim, gruesome conditions of life in lockup on Alcatraz, and the prisoners who lived there—from notorious gangster Al “Scarface” Capone to robber Frank Lee Morris, the architect of Alcatraz’s most audacious escape. More than a tale of prison break, Escape from Alcatraz is a scathing indictment of a penal system that strives for dehumanization, rather than rehabilitation, of its prisoners. The summary and analysis in this ebook are intended to complement your reading experience and bring you closer to a great work of nonfiction.
What's more exciting than a prison break? Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 and have never been caught. Many authorities are certain they died crossing San Francisco Bay. Relatives claim they made it to Brazil. The theories of what happened to them are endless. Find out the facts from people who dealt with the men and the case first-hand. This is one mystery you'll definitely want to solve.
The terrible prison of Alcatraz was on an island in San Francisco Bay. "Nobody can escape from Alcatraz," said the guard. Jerry O'Brian wanted to get off the island, but how? Jerry and Jeff, another prisoner, decided that the only way to escape from the prison was by air! An impossible idea-they weren't birds! But they did escape.
A daring plan executed by violent men with nothing to lose sparked the prison's most vicious breakout attempt. It started with an unthinkable act: an inmate overpowered an armed guard and gained control of weapons inside the cellhouse.

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