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An Unforgettable Journey into the Dark Heart of the Information Age In Escape Velocity Mark Dery takes is on an electrifying tour of the high-tech subcultures that both celebrate and critique our wired world: would-be cyborgs who believe the body is obsolete and dream of downloading their minds into computers, cyber-hippies who boost their brainpower with smart drugs and mind machines, on-line swingers seeking cybersex on electronic bulletin boards, techno-primitives who sport biomechanical tattoos of computer circuitry; and cyberpunk roboticists whose Mad Max contraptions duel to the death before howling crowds. Timely, trenchant, and provocative, Escape Velocity is the first truly critical inquiry into cyberculture-essential reading for everyone interested in computer culture and the shape of things to come.
From the moment of a marriage’s heated inception to its period of luminous crowding and onward into distance and darkness, Bonnie Arning’s Escape Velocity asks if it’s possible to exist outside the only universe we’ve ever known. In modes both lyric and narrative, we are given a peephole into the height and decline of a marriage that begins beneath the moving lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, and traverses the devastating terrain of gambling, miscarriage, infidelity, and violence. Arning gives voice to divergent aspects of love and violence through her use of math problems, erasures, dictionary entries, structured stanzas, and sprawling free verse. This multiplicity of forms comes together to explore everything from pop culture references of domestic violence to cultural notions of victims and victimhood. However dark, collectively these poems tell a love story—an acceptance of our capability to love those who hurt us, but also the love-of-self required to slowly and steadily reach "the velocity to be everleaving." In the tradition of Eavan Boland and Louise Glück, Arning wrestles down and examines the terrible without flinching. We journey with her, engrossed by each difficult truth: a precipice near which we are both terrified to stand and transfixed by its unnerving insistence on beauty.
In the movie version, I start to merge with the car. The shifter grows into my hand, which quickly becomes metal. Wiry tentacles grow out of the back of the seat and attach themselves to my brain stem. My eyes discover a Terminator-like Heads-Up Display, and my foot grows into the accelerator pedal. My heart beats in synch with the tach and all the gauges register across my face. I’m becoming one with the machine. There’s no telling where the Firebird ends, and I begin. I am the car. The car is me. I am the road. The journey is the destination. There’s nowhere to go and yet, no turning back. There is only the drive, the car and the driver, and all are one.
From the righteous indignation of welfare mothers to the cloying calm of West Coast Buddhists, Escape Velocity splices the personal and the political as seamlessly as life itself. Funny and ferocious, poems such as "Mosaic Wipe," "Due Process," and "Newsworthy" go fearlessly into darkened spaces to crack them wide apart. In this new collection of lyrically canny compositions, David Breskin courageously gathers up the fractured facets of American life and transforms them into a stunning, spinning mirrored ball of postmodern poesy.
Picking up where PaxCorpus left us, Escape Velocity shoves you face-first into the abyss, grabs hold and never lets go. Follow Dante, Meryl and a ragtag squad of survivalists, who call themselves, Belligerent Underpaid Tactical Team, from the depths of the devastated state of New Jersey to the bowels of post-apocalyptic Manhattan. With less than a day's worth of supplies and their underground shelter lying in ruins, thanks to the terrorist cell, ZeroFactor, there is only one course-of-action--fight tooth and nail, bullet-by-bullet, to the enemy stronghold and Rift of Manhattan--or die trying. The insanity doesn't stop there. Cybernetically modified, former Harrisburg, Pennsylvanian cop, Dante Marcellus, has a new problem. An implant inside of his head, where a bullet had once been, acts as a telepathic network between him and the thought-to-be-dead, Nuhm De’Ara. Leaving a trail of bodies all the way to New York City, survival is less-than-certain, as their enemy clamps down with violent determination. And when there isn't even a glimmer of hope left for who remains, a man once known as Jack Marcellus returns--with vengeance and anger fueled hatred for the only person who could possibly save him from himself. This time, there will only be one man left standing. There are things much worse than the bite of a deader and the undead plague.
Lou's dad has been addicted to painkillers since an accident left him unable to work. He's a good, loving dad, but kind of useless. Lou's mother, Zoe, a successful novelist, abandoned Lou at birth and showed no interest in her until three years ago, when Lou was twelve. Their relationship since then has been strained, but when Lou's dad has a stroke, there is nowhere else for her to go while he recovers. Lou struggles to find her bearings and figure out why her mom left her all those years ago. She is convinced the answers are in Zoe's fiction, but when Lou's grandmother, Heather, appears at a reading, Lou realizes she may have misjudged her mother.
Despite our best efforts to control our lives, the people we happen to meet often direct our sails, affecting how long we live, whom we marry, the children we have and the lives of others. In Escape Velocity-50 True Poems Richard Peres pulls us into the lives of his past friends and family with passion, wit and irony. He describes flashing moments whose impacts are lifelong and relentless, encapsulating a lifetime in a few chosen words: "Lacking creativity he did nothing not making the connection nor the intersection with her life " We identify almost immediately with our own lives, making us reflect on how we arrived to this point and how it all happened.

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