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"What do you assume your students know? What material do you expect them to have a vague idea about (say the proof of Taylor's Theorem) and what material do you want students to know thoroughly (say the derivative of sin x)? This book is an attempt to define what material students should have completely mastered at each year in an applied mathematics, engineering or science degree. Naturally we would like our students to know more than the bare essentials detailed in this book. However, most students do not get full marks in their previous courses and a few weeks after the exam will only remember a small fraction of a course. They are also doing many other courses not involving mathematics and are not constantly using their mathematical skills. This book can then act as guide to what material should realistically be remembered from previous courses. Naturally both the material and the year in which the students see this material will vary from university to university. This book represents what we feel is appropriate to our students during their degrees."--Provided by publisher.
This book covers the main areas of mathematics used in the first years of a typical engineering, science or applied mathematics degree. This is not a textbook. It is a concise guide to what the important skills in mathematics are: the ones that need to be remembered. This second edition also includes the essential elements of MATLAB and Maple – the two most common computer tools used by students at university.
Final in a seven book series for primary school children, based on recent developments in the maths curriculum. Covers the strands number, space, measurement and chance and data. Presents structured work units designed to reinforce previously learnt concepts and processes.
Just the math skills you need to excel in the study or practice ofengineering Good math skills are indispensable for all engineers regardlessof their specialty, yet only a relatively small portion of the maththat engineering students study in college mathematics courses isused on a frequent basis in the study or practice of engineering.That's why Essential Math Skills for Engineers focuses ononly these few critically essential math skills that students needin order to advance in their engineering studies and excel inengineering practice. Essential Math Skills for Engineers features concise,easy-to-follow explanations that quickly bring readers up to speedon all the essential core math skills used in the daily study andpractice of engineering. These fundamental and essential skills arelogically grouped into categories that make them easy to learnwhile also promoting their long-term retention. Among the key areascovered are: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, complex arithmetic, anddifferential and integral calculus Simultaneous, linear, algebraic equations Linear, constant-coefficient, ordinary differentialequations Linear, constant-coefficient, difference equations Linear, constant-coefficient, partial differential equations Fourier series and Fourier transform Laplace transform Mathematics of vectors With the thorough understanding of essential math skills gainedfrom this text, readers will have mastered a key component of theknowledge needed to become successful students of engineering. Inaddition, this text is highly recommended for practicing engineerswho want to refresh their math skills in order to tackle problemsin engineering with confidence.

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