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This is the story of Barry and Lupus. Barry, an exhausted newspaper owner physically and economically on the ropes, meets Lupus, a wolf-German Shepherd cross, at an animal shelter. Despite a nagging belief that he cannot take responsibility for anything or anyone else, Barry rescues Lupus and takes him home. Every Wolf’s Howl recounts their incredible three-year journey together, back and forth across the country, enduring poverty, heartache, and illness. Beginning at the tail end of Barry and Lupus’s story and looping back in time, this memoir presents a moving portrait of economic struggle and an intimate glimpse into an extraordinary friendship. Lupus’s inner wolf never completely submits to domestication: he heels only when he chooses to. Barry witnesses something determinedly natural, untamed, and fierce within Lupus. Something admirable. Something he can learn from.
Mated to Ashleigh, Akira has a new purpose in life. Her journey to the East continues, but the danger isn't over. Not when Aspen keeps stirring up trouble. He wants to bring his first mate back from the dead, but at what price? And who's paying it? — Wolf's Howl is the third book in the My Winter Wolf trilogy and will conclude Akira's story. additional keywords: werewolves, wolf shifters, shifter romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, paranormal lesbian romance, lesbian romance, lesfic romance, fated mates, soulmates, true love, quest
Saoirse McColl, a research biologist, keeps getting fired from labs for refusing to produce results the clients want. Her best friend suggests she look for a new line of work. She applies to an ad for a high school biology teaching job at an academy in northwestern Maine that promised living quarters plus salary. Diego Vargas, a werewolf, is the principal of the academy, despite having no background in education. He has proven to the pack leader that he is dependable and detail-oriented, but he hates hiring new teachers, not knowing what to ask them. Once Saoirse is in his office, Diego can’t concentrate because his wolf loves her smell. When it turns out that she is the best-qualified candidate, Diego and his wolf rejoice, because both are convinced she’s their mate. But she’s not a shifter, so they need to bide their time, waiting for the right moment to inform her that she’s living in a compound of mostly wolf shifters. Can these two find happiness together, once the scientist discovers that myth is reality?
When high school teacher Chase McCarthy begins serving as a mentor to her beautiful colleague, she has no idea that the younger woman will steal her husband and have his child-the child that she cannot have. But life gets worse when Chase moves to southern Colorado and discovers that she has breast cancer. After a year of chemotherapy and an intense battle for her life, Chase meets a female white dog with yellow eyes at an animal shelter. Chase hopes to help the dog, which she names Snow, but instead finds out that she's the one in need of rescuing. Chase soon finds out that Snow is probably part wolf, but that does not deter her from loving the animal. As Chase and Snow become better acquainted and learn each other's ways, the wolf-dog also gets to know Nathaniel Black, a teacher at a community college. Snow becomes enamored with the handsome teacher, and soon, so does her owner. When the Wolf Howls is the inspiring story of a woman scorned and the dog who teaches her the true meaning of love.
No one captures the glory, adventure and drama of the courageous men and women who tamed the American West like award-winning author Terry Johnston. His Plainsmen series brims with colorful characters, fierce battles and compelling historical lore. Entrenched on a poorly sheltered island, many of Seamus Donegan's crack squad of Army scouts lie dead--and many more are dying. Led by Colonel George Forsyth, fifty seasoned plainsmen had combed the Colorado Territory in search of Cheyenne. Along a fork of the Republican River, these brave men suddenly found themselves outnumbered twenty to one. Now Donegan, his fellow scouts, and his long-lost uncle are trapped--and under attack. As the battle rages, Donegan is stalked by a traitor who seeks revenge for old wrongs. Together the dwindling band awaits a heroic last-minute rescue from the merciless nine-day seige--known today as the Battle of Beecher Island..
The iconic, “extraordinary” (The Washington Post) collaboration between #1 bestselling author Stephen King and Peter Straub—an epic thriller about a young boy’s quest to save his mother’s life. Why had twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer’s mother frantically moved the two of them from Rodeo Drive to a New York City apartment to the Alhambra, a fading ocean resort and shuttered amusement park in New Hampshire? Who or what is she running from? She is dying . . . and even young Jack knows she can’t outrun death. But only he can save her—for he has been chosen to search for a prize across an epic landscape of dangers and lies, a realm of innocents and monsters, where everything Jack loves is on the line.

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