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California Evidentiary Foundations is the ideal one-volume guide for overcoming common, and not-so-common, evidentiary problems in the courtroom. This accessible, popular manual shows you how to frame predicate questions to gain admission or exclusion of specific types of evidence and includes a list of the foundational elements and examples of specific lines of questioning for establishing these elements. Each foundation is accompanied by a clear explanation of the supporting principles of California evidence law. Packed with proven trial techniques, California Evidentiary Foundations will help you prepare for every evidentiary challenge you may face at trial. California Evidentiary Foundations takes the abstract principles of evidence and organizes them into concise statements, and illustrates their uses with sample transcripts of the elements being applied in the courtroom. The publication helps attorneys focus their case around a theme and understand the theories behind proving up evidence in both civil and criminal cases. This concise manual includes complete references to the California Evidence Code, Rules of Court, key cases, legislative history, and citations to secondary authorities such as Jefferson, Witkin, and CEB texts.
Learn how to address and overcome evidentiary problems in New York courtrooms. New York Evidentiary Foundations brings New York evidence law to life, showing you how to frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence. Included are specific lines of questioning which demonstrate courtroom-proven trial techniques applying New York evidence law.
This is the reference your clients would ask you to purchase. Criminal Evidentiary Foundations tells you with precision how to lay foundations for your most critical evidence to be admitted in a criminal trial. Expert authors Edward J. Imwinkelried and Daniel D. Blinka quide you through converting abstract evidentiary doctrine into concrete lines of questioning, with phrasing of questions on direct and cross-examination explained in detail and hundreds of sample foundational questions adapted to specific criminal cases. In this convenient single volume with a current supplement, you'll find your questions answered on witness competency, authentication, relevance, credibility, privileges, opinions, hearsay, suppression, the Best Evidence Rule, and more. Whether you are preparing for your first case or you are a seasoned veteran, this treatise will become your most indespensible tool after the Federal Rules of Evidence in your next trial.
Covering all major evidentiary doctrines, this work provides a blueprint for introduction of evidence at trial. It allows the student mentally to convert a sentence in the Federal Rules of Evidence into a line of questioning to be used at trial. An excellent companion to a course casebook in Evidence or Trial Practice, it enables the student to picture the manner in which the rules of evidence operate. The author dissects major evidence doctrines into lists of foundational elements. With this framework, lists of questions form which lay a foundation. This sample foundation, in turn, allows fuller understanding of the evidence rule to which it refers.
Learn to address and overcome evidentiary problems in Colorado courtrooms. Colorado Evidentiary Foundations brings Colorado evidence to life, showing you how to frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence. Specific lines of questioning are included, demonstrating courtroom-proven trial techniques applying Colorado evidence law. Written by renowned authorities in evidence law, Colorado Evidentiary Foundations is a collaborative project of evidence experts, well-known in Colorado and around the country: • Hon. Roxanne Bailin is Chief District Justice of the 20th Judicial District, Colorado • James M. England is a retired civil and commercial litigator • H. Patrick Furman is Clinical Professor of Law at University of Colorado Boulder • Edward J. Imwinkelried is Professor and Director of the Trial Advocacy Program at the University of California, Davis. He is the author of Evidentiary Foundations, Fifth Edition and many other books on evidence law.
Missouri Evidentiary Foundations shows you how to address and overcome evidentiary problems in Missouri courtrooms. Using specific lines of questioning and courtroom-proven techniques that apply Missouri evidentiary law, you’ll learn how to: - Frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence - Control the evidence in civil and criminal cases - Make sure your questions are easily understood - "Walk & Talk" an exhibit into evidence - Use motions in limine, motions to strike, and other motions and objections Completely revised and updated, this edition has new sections including techniques for laying multiple foundations, limiting instructions, handling, marking and introducing exhibits, and the authentication and identification of computer animation and simulation evidence.
Rev. ed. of: Texas evidentiary foundations / David A. Schlueter ... [et al.]. 3rd ed. c2005.

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