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The essays in this book place Salisbury in the context of 19th-century Orientalism, with particular attention to the interconnected growth of Assyriology in Northern Europe and the U.S. Hitherto unheralded, Salisbury emerges as a founding figure in the development of ancient Near Eastern, Arabic, and Sanskrit studies, as well as in the rise of the American liberal arts university. Edward Elbridge Salisbury (1814-1901) graduated from Yale University in 1832 and was appointed Professor of Arabic and Sanskrit there in 1841. His remained the only University Chair of Sanskrit in America till 1854, when a separate 'Professorship of Sanskrit and kindred languages' was created, also at Yale. Salisbury also served as the President of the American Oriental Society, and was elected as a member of the Asiatic Society of Paris, Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences and a corresponding member of the German Oriental Society. This book presents expanded versions of the papers delivered at a symposium held during the 175th anniversary celebration of Yale's 1841 appointment of Edward Elbridge Salisbury as America's first Professor of Arabic and Sanskrit.
Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History 16 is about relations between the two faiths in North America, South-East Asia, China, Japan and Australasia from 1800 to 1914. It gives descriptions, assessments and bibliographical details of all known works from this period.
SOMA's Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Maxims and Phrases is the most extensive compilation of Latin Quotations, Maxims and Phrases in the market today. In addition to its extensive entries of Latin expressions, it also features an amazing variety of content that will be of great interest and benefit to the user. SOMA's Dictionary is a priceless collection of valuable resources for a wide range of users, from the aspiring professional to the seasoned academic. A few of its features include: Over 8,600 unique Latin entries including over 1000 Legal Maxims and expressions 30 Biographies of Roman Authors and Philosophers Over 1,000 related suffixes and prefixes Over 30 Greek Phrases An extensive timeline of all Roman Emperors An extensive timeline of the shapers of Western Civilization and Culture A pronunciation guide with notes And so much more
Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, spent some five months of his life in Britain, visiting it ten times between the years 1902 and 1924. With the exception of German-speaking countries, the longest time Steiner spent abroad was in Britain, a place he clearly considered as central to his work. In this extraordinarily thorough study of over 1,200 pages and dozens of illustrations, Crispian Villeneuve documents these important visits, reproducing letters, articles, records and other archival material - much of it published for the first time. He also studies the interconnected theme of the life and work of D.N. Dunlop, Rudolf Steiner's closest British colleague. Rudolf Steiner in Britain has special significance for English-speaking peoples around the world, as well as for those seeking to understand how and why Steiner disseminated his spiritual world-view. Villeneuve's two-volume opus, the fruit of a decade of research, is finally available in a paperback edition.
A light, comical exploration by the Russian writer, Ilya Boyashov. On his journey from his war-torn village, Muri the cat travels through Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden, meeting on the way an unlikely – but helpful – group of creatures, from a sperm whale to a paraplegic mountaineer and a wandering Jew. This is no children’s book, but a witty exploration of the human condition through the people and objects Muri meets on his travels. Somewhere in the mix, Boyashov introduces us to two eminent professors, one from Cambridge, one from Geneva, who take opposite views on the question: Is man in a perpetual and aimless state of wandering or must he always have a goal in mind? The book is intended to be read on two levels – as a narrated story of real (fictional) characters and as an allegory. It has been compared with Sophie’s World.
Here is the inside story of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, told in its entirety for the first time. Francis King describes the conflict between W. B. Yeats and Aleister Crowley, the often difficult relationship between Yeats and Kabbalist MacGregor Mathers, and Rudolph Steiner's attempt to take over English occultism. With consummate scholarship, King has created a definitive modern history of the Western esoteric tradition.
Presents thousands of alphabetized entries on topics and terms related to the Bible and its study, providing biblical references and cross-references, and includes hundreds of drawings, photos, and maps. This volume covers A-D.

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