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If you've ever wondered whether familiar terms like "a pride of lions" or "a string of ponies" were only the tip of a linguistic iceberg, An Exaltation of Larks provides the definitive answer. This classic collection of collective nouns includes more than 1,100 equally pithy, and often poetic, terms - some resurrected from the Books of Venery that were the constant study of fifteenth-century gentlemen; some ("a blur of Impressionists," "a score of bachelors") more recently minted. Here too is a game for readers inspired to invent their own "terms of venery." Infectious in spirit and beautifully illustrated with more than 250 witty engravings, An Exaltation of Larks is a word-lover's garden of delights.
A collection of "terms of venery," collective nouns. The origin of some of the terms is explained, and more than 250 of the terms are illustrated with engravings by Dürer and Grandville and others.
Jesse is the kind of callow, sly college man who has it all. he's editor of the student newspaper, enormously popular with the female students, breezing through with terrific grade. But he's oblivious to the fragile balance of life, until something unutterly strange strips way the surface clam of his existence and exposes a universe that proves uncontrollable and endlessly mutable. For Jesse has become the focus of conspiracy of creatures from beyond the end of time to re-create our universe anew. Blinded by sex and greed, Jesse can't see the terrible flaw in their vast plan...until a wonderful woman names Sully comes into his life and turns everything right side up. The result is a wild, erotic joyride, a no-holds-barred tour de force, and, finally a novel of sublime grace and beauty, a testament to the transcendent power of love.
"We're so alike, you and I. It's no wonder we kept finding each other." September 11, 1973: Eleven-year-old Alejandro Penda watches from his apartment window as Santiago, Chile falls to a military coup, destroying his family and his childhood. Arriving alone in America, he’s taken in by the Larks: a prominent family in the town of Guelisten. Though burdened by unresolved grief for his disappeared parents, he becomes fiercely loyal to the Larks, eventually marrying one of their daughters, Valerie. September 11, 2001: Javier Landes watches from his apartment window as New York City falls to terrorism. As one of Manhattan’s top-paid male escorts, this professional lover has never lacked for company and is loyal only to himself. But in the wake of 9/11, Jav is named guardian for an orphaned nephew in Guelisten and must open his carefully-guarded heart to pain he's long suppressed. Alex, Valerie and Jav meet first in their twenties, with a sudden attraction each finds strange and compelling. When they meet again in their forties, they discover not only is their bond still strong, but their life experiences are strangely similar. All have been shaped by separate 9/11's, and their unfinished business from the past will change everything they know about love, loyalty and friendship. "Life has rules. You cannot come in the middle of the night and take what we agreed isn't yours." Across three decades and two continents, Suanne Laqueur's fifth novel explores the unpredictability of sexual attraction, how family ties are forged, torn and mended, and how love's downfall can turn to exaltation.
This edition of a humorous 1978 thesaurus of collective nouns has been expanded to include more than one thousand nouns and phrases
The air in the room, where there should have been only the smell of wood smoke, was heavy with the sweet, sticky smell of blood. The sounds of the battlefield roared in her ears, the screaming of a wounded horse, the frenzied cries of fighting men who fought gladly, as if it were the only thing worth doing, the shouts of lesser men who fought because they had to, who fought to protect their farms and their small holdings.She had known men like that once, long ago. There had been no battle for more than a generation after Ashington, for as long as it took to grow new soldiers. Then it had all begun again. She knew better than to interfere this time. She wondered where the battle had been fought, and why.

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