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In "Exotic Betting," the horseplayer takes a colorful wagering ride by learning to maximize profits by betting on a multitude of exotic wagers including the daily double, exacta, trifecta, quinella, superfecta, pick 3, 4, and 6.
Exotic Betting at the Racetrack is unique as it covers the efficient-inefficient strategy to price and find profitable racetrack bets, along with handicapping that provides actual bets made by the author on essentially all of the major wagers offered at US racetracks. The book starts with efficiency, accuracy of the win odds, arbitrage, and optimal betting strategies. Examples and actual bets are shown for various wagers including win, place and show, exacta, quinella, double, trifecta, superfecta, Pick 3, 4 and 6 and rainbow pick 5 and 6. There are discussions of major races including the Breeders' Cup, Pegasus, Dubai World Cup and the US Triple Crown from 2012-2018. Dosage analysis is also described and used. An additional feature concerns great horses such as the great mares Rachel Alexandra, Zenyatta, Goldikova, Treve, Beholder and Song Bird. There is a discussion of horse ownership and a tour through arguably the world's top trainer Frederico Tesio and his stables and horses in Italy.
The creator of a revolutionary new racetrack-betting technique that calculates a horse's speed in previous races offers an understandable, anecdotal explanation of how to use these figures to win at the track, in a new edition of the classic handicapping guide. Reprint.
The degree to which markets incorporate information is one of the most important questions facing economists today. This book provides a fascinating study of the existence and extent of information efficiency in financial markets, with a special focus on betting markets. Betting markets are selected for study because they incorporate features highly appropriate to a study of information efficiency, in particular the fact that each bet has a well-defined end point at which its value becomes certain. Using international examples, this book reviews and analyses the issue of information efficiency in both financial and betting markets. Part I is an extensive survey of the existing literature, while Part II presents a range of readings by leading academics. Insights gained from the book will interest students of financial economics, financial market analysts, mathematicians and statisticians, and all those with a special interest in finance or gambling.
Hook to the Book There are two, I repeat, two things standing in the way of your personal success with exotic wagering. One of the two is you. The other is a paradox involving your approach, the standard approach, to playing the exotics. I will provide you a quick, yet thorough explanation in this book. Realizing your vision of winning exotic wagers consistently necessitates a brand-new mindset, and then soon you will be on the surefire road to unparalleled success. You are only a couple of hours away from identifying the other hurdle, thus obliterating the hindrances and obtaining your long-elusive dream.
This step-by-step guide takes the intimidation out of betting at the racetrack. Readers learn about types of wagers from straight to exotic, how odds are set, and how to place a bet and cash a ticket. In addition, the guide explains how to read past performances. Workouts, medication, and equipment as they relate to wagering are also discussed.
Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping and wagering using the Holy Bible of Horse Racing is a book that contains a primer for folks that do not know much about thoroughbred horse racing. In addition, it provides a methodology for picking horses that will most likely finish second or better in races that are qualified for wagering. It then describes different approaches to wagering. There are what I call another section which I call special conditions that prompt special attention and will provide an avenue for Win/Place/Show bets (across the board), as well as some short stories of the some of the real characters I have met while playing the ponies.
During the last few decades, commercial gambling has increased substantially throughout the Western world. More people than ever before have access to sources of legalised gambling, leading to bumper revenues for the institutions involved. Naturally enough, this has led to an increased interest in the area of the economics of betting. This book addresses the issues raised by the continued growth of the gambling sector. How can we model the behaviour of people who seemingly act irrationally? What are the implications of different tax policies with regard to gambling? Are casinos capable of taking money away from state-run lotteries and the causes they fund? Can bookmakers’ odds be influenced in such a way as to make the gambling market inefficient? The authors in this volume provide insights based on data from many different countries, including England, the USA, Australia, Spain and Cyprus. This volume brings together work which addresses the economic impact of the huge growth of commercial gambling in the Western world, as well as trying to model the cognitive processes which can explain why individuals are prepared to behave in such apparently irrational ways. This book was published as a special issue of Applied Economics. The academic editor of this journal is Mark P. Taylor.
"Not only is this a very serious book on a topic of broad interest, but, even better, it is quite readable." Management Accounting
The Hudson River waterfront gave birth to notorious baby gangsters, The River Gang. Steven Joseph Sinopli was amongst the chosen few, learning loyalty and respect at a tender age. His involvement with The River Gang would prove to be a precursory magnet for trouble, as his involvement tested Sinopolis ability to apply these doctrines at each plateau of his spiritual voyage, from advising his Mafia clientele on their next move to comprehending himself and the universe with a deeply profound acceptance. I Astrologer: A Strange Journey, chronicles Sinopolis exploration of self; from growing up poor and hungry to achieving a sated appetite from the luxuries of understanding ones self and those around him, I Astrologer: A Strange Journey is one trip worth taking.
"This is an instruction manual to finding winners at the races, including worksheets!"--Back cover.
If it is your desire to become a winning horse player, then this book is for you Whether you are the novice that goes to the track a couple of times a year or the seasoned professional, Boomer and Craig have described virtually EVERY wager available in painstaking detail, and the specific Do's and Don'ts of each. This is the most comprehensive thoroughbred wagering guide ever assembled This is the second book written by this team...1st book: How To Turn Any Racetrack Into Your own Private Money Machine (and be just one of the 2% that do). Also available on Lulu and their website at:
Includes private and local laws.
Vols. for 1951 session-199th session (1976) have note: "Comprising authentic text of the laws, together with other valuable legislative and executive material"; vols. for 200th session (1977)- have note: "Comprising authentic text of the laws together with other valuable materials from the legislature, the executive and the judiciary."

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