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With a fine-tuned ethnographic sensibility, Janis H. Jenkins explores the lived experience of psychosis, trauma, and depression among people of diverse cultural orientations, revealing how mental illness engages fundamental human processes of self, desire, gender, identity, attachment, and interpretation. Extraordinary Conditions illuminates the cultural shaping of extreme psychological suffering and the social rendering of the mentally ill as nonhuman or not fully human. Jenkins contends that mental illness is better characterized in terms of struggle than symptoms and that culture is central to all aspects of mental illness from onset to recovery. Her analysis refashions the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary, the routine and the extreme, and the healthy and the pathological. This book asserts that the study of mental illness is indispensable to the anthropological understanding of culture and experience, and reciprocally that understanding culture and experience is critical to the study of mental illness.
The world sold you a map to success, and you followed it—only to find that the world’s version of extraordinary is the trap of the ordinary. Your to-do list keeps growing, you haven’t been to the gym in weeks, and your spouse wants more time with you. You’re doing your best, but you’re exhausted and unfulfilled. How did you get here, and where are you going? Michael Dauphinee understands that you don’t need a map with a final destination; you need your own direction. In Extraordinary, Michael provides four points on a compass that help you discover and live out your God-given calling.Identity: Instead of telling yourself what not to be, embrace who you are and utilize your natural strengths.Permission: Don’t limit yourself. Share your ideas and pursue your aspirations without needing approval from others.Courage: Overcome your fear of failure and close the gap between wishing and doing.Generosity: Don’t tie your hope to your resilience. Anchor to something bigger than yourself. It’s not too late to live an extraordinary life. Unleash the power of your true north, dream again, and live in the direction of you.
The author of Men Explain Things to Me explores the moments of altruism and generosity that arise in the aftermath of disaster Why is it that in the aftermath of a disaster? whether manmade or natural?people suddenly become altruistic, resourceful, and brave? What makes the newfound communities and purpose many find in the ruins and crises after disaster so joyous? And what does this joy reveal about ordinarily unmet social desires and possibilities? In A Paradise Built in Hell, award-winning author Rebecca Solnit explores these phenomena, looking at major calamities from the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco through the 1917 explosion that tore up Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She examines how disaster throws people into a temporary utopia of changed states of mind and social possibilities, as well as looking at the cost of the widespread myths and rarer real cases of social deterioration during crisis. This is a timely and important book from an acclaimed author whose work consistently locates unseen patterns and meanings in broad cultural histories.
You Were Meant for More! All of us were extraordinarily created for a life that is anything but ordinary. In this motivating booklet, best-selling author John Bevere offers seven critical keys to a breakthrough life that will position you to embrace divine empowerment. God has prepared a path for you that far surpasses the usual definitions of success or fulfillment! Isn't it time to pursue your extraordinary life?
What's cooking? Some truly extraordinary breakfasts, if you read The B&B Cookbook. Whether you own a bed and breakfast or just like to prepare magnificent morning feasts, this cookbook is right up your alley. The recipes can be used to create three to five-course breakfasts that will amaze your guests - or family - with easy-to-follow instructions and elaborate end results. There are even anecdotes about the selections and how to avoid missteps with your early morning houseguests. Bonnie Williams-Paquette is 66 years old and has been operating a B&B with her husband, Don, for 11 years. The couple has been entertaining others on a lavish level for many more years. We have heard so many comments about B&Bs that have exactly the same food day in and day out, regardless of how long you stay. This is so wrong. The recipes here will get you out of the rut. Williams-Paquette lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Publisher's website: http: //

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