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Fairies and Fantasy coloring book, From the Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison, features 25 fairy illustrations. None of these drawings appear in any of Molly's previously released coloring books! Each illustration is printed on one side of the paper only for those who enjoy using marker rather than colored pencil. Featuring autumn fairies, celestial fairies, flower fairies and some fantasy women adorned in patterns and designs, this coloring book is meant for older kids and adults because as most are highly detailed. Some of the pictures are more detailed than others for a variety. Please learn more about Molly Harrison at
Fantasy and Fairies - A GRAYSCALE Coloring Book features the fairies, dragons, mermaids and more! This is a GRAYSCALE coloring book. Some of the pages are a bit darker than others. Grayscale coloring is a nice way to bring full scale images to life using your own choice of color. It is not line art like most coloring books but rather it includes all values from black to white and all the shades in between. Some find this type of coloring intimidating but I assure you, once you find the right medium to use, you will really enjoy it. The key to this type of coloring is to use transparent colors mostly - that way the shading comes through. My favorite medium for grayscale coloring is alcohol markers such as Copic markers and others. Artist Loft (Michael's brand) markers work wonderfully as well. Pastel chalks and colored pencils work well with this type of coloring too. I suggest using colored pencils for coloring over dark areas (transparent markers won't work to cover dark grey or black). I would recommend not using crayons or anything too opaque (except for using over dark areas) because it will cover the shading. If you use markers, please put a piece of heavy paper between the pages to prevent bleed through. Also, this coloring book is not suitable for any wet media such as watercolor or watered down paint of any kind. You are free to copy the pages (for personal use ONLY) and print out on watercolor paper or heavier paper if you like so you can try different mediums. Please see Molly's other coloring books here on Amazon and the PDF versions at
**Line Art - NOT Grayscale** Publication date February, 2019 Mystical Fantasy is a coloring book for adults but is also suitable for older children and teens. Featuring 25 single sided pages of beautiful fairies, unicorns, fairies with dragons, mermaids and bohemian girls with lots of flowers, this coloring book is sure to delight any fantasy art lover! This coloring book is the first of 2019 and the illustrations range from more detailed to less detailed. Unlike Molly's first coloring books, she has included a mix of heavy lines and lighter line work for varying depth and design. Suitable mediums include colored pencils, alcohol markers, pastels, gel pens and even eye shadow! Be sure to put a heavy piece of card stock paper or several pieces of regular paper between the pages to prevent bleed though. Feel free to scan the images to print out on heavier paper. You can find all of Molly's coloring books in PDF format in her Etsy shop and also on her website
A Fairy Realm Coloring Book by Molly Harrison contains 25 single sided pages to color featuring lots of fairies, some mermaids and other creatures from the "fairy realm"! Suitable for adults and children alike (approximate minimum age is 8 depending on your child's skill level). Suitable mediums are colored pencil, chalk, pastels, markers (please be sure to put a piece of heavy paper between the pages to prevent bleed through onto the next page). Gel pen works great for highlights and filling in small areas. It is not recommended to use any wet media such as watercolor or watered down paint of any kind unless you choose to copy the image onto heavy paper. Please be sure to see my other coloring books available here on Amazon. I also have PDF coloring books available at For more information about me and my artwork, please visit my website, The Fairy and Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison,
Illustrated by Molly Harrison, this coloring book features 20 detailed illustrations of fairies, dragons, and unicorns. Though intended for adults, it is also suitable for older children who love to color! For those who use markers, the images are printed on only one side of the paper.
Fantasy and Fairytale Art Coloring Book in Grayscale features 40 images to color. Taken from a variety of Molly Harrison's artwork over the years from pencil drawings to her acrylic art. Several Alice in Wonderland depictions, big eye cuties, and more! Fairies, mermaids, witches, and fantasy girls. This is a grayscale coloring book which means it has all the values from black to white - not line art. The images are on one side of the paper only but be sure to place a piece of heavy paper or several sheets of regular paper between the pages to prevent bleed through. This coloring book is suitable for colored pencils, chalk, pastels, markers, and gel pens. It is not suitable for painting of any type unless you print the images onto heavy paper. Please be sure to see Molly's other fantasy themed coloring books for more coloring fun!

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